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Foundational Wellness

Social & Intrapersonal

Social and intrapersonal wellness refers to the interactions that you have with others and with yourself.  

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Physical Health

Physical health, at its core, is the state of your physical body.

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Substance Use

From caffeine consumption, alcohol use, prescription drug use, illicit drugs, and everything in-between.

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Our brain is at the epicenter of how we view and experience the world both within ourselves and outside of ourselves

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There is much to be gained if there is Institution-wide support for sleep health and education. 

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Movement is a foundational element of wellness due to its strong association with our basic human need of survival. 

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Safe & Secure

Safe and Secure foundational wellness connotes the physical and metaphysical ways in which that one provides for their own safety, comfort, and security.

Public Safety


Eating provides the sustenance and nourishment to fuel your mind and your body.

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Identity is a foundation of wellness as it is important to recognize that we bring our entire self into every interaction and environment that we encounter. 

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Foundational Wellness Marketing Guide for Faculty/Staff

In an effort to work together with the shared goal of providing holistic wellness education to our campus, please refer to this marketing guideline when putting educational material into the community.

Wellness Education Marketing Guidelines