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The Center partners with local nonprofit organizations and places students in those offices to perform their work study hours gaining real-world work experience. Community Work-Study offers an opportunity other work-study programs cannot. This federally funded program allows students to receive financial assistance through three unique options: work directly with a community-based organization, lead a campus based service program, or work with faculty in a (classroom) service-learning environment.

Job opportunities for community work study students include work as tutors, community design assistants, curriculum developers, tax preparers, and after-school program coordinators. Students gain a variety of new job skills, while also experiencing the culture of the Mission Hill community first-hand.

How Students Can Apply

Students interested in one of the listed positions should contact Financial Aid to make sure that all appropriate paperwork is filled out before contacting any organization or Center staff. Once all paperwork is complete, visit the Center for Community & Learning Partnerships to let us know which position you are interested in and we will help to make contact with the host organization.

How Organizations Can Apply

If you are a community organization that is interested in hosting a Wentworth Community Work-Study student, please fill out the following forms and return them to Courtney Wright.

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