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Our flexible online graduate programs open up career advancement and opportunity for grad students who cannot make it to campus. We welcome students from across the city and around the world. If you share our drive and our can-do spirit, then you belong in a Wentworth online program.

Interested in a hybrid program? Some of our programs allow for coursework to be completed both in-person on-campus and online.

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Online Graduate Programs

Man reviewing business graphs on tablet.

Business Analytics, M.S.

A visual of the Zakim Bridge structure

Civil Engineering, M.S.

A student pulls a motherboard out from a server

Computer Engineering, M.S.

A student demonstrates advanced construction software on a big screen in the classroom

Construction Management, M.S.

Closeup of laptop with hands typing on keyboard.

Data Science, M.S.

A students tests a circuit board in the lab

Electrical Engineering, M.S.

A picture of a large warehouse as seen from the inside

Facility Management, M.S.

Image of a man putting sticky notes on a board for project management

Project Management, M.S.

Key Dates & Deadlines

December 1 - Regular Application Deadline - Spring Start

February 15 - Priority Application Deadline - Fall Start

July 15 - Regular Application Deadline - Fall Start

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Why Wentworth?

Premium Earnings Potential

increase in salaries in STEM fields with a Master's degree (US Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Faster than Average Growth

job growth rate for Master's degrees, according to the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce.

Grads Get Jobs

Master's Degree Recipients Continuing Education and/or Employed 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is an online master's degree different from an on-campus degree?

    We're making our top programs more accessible for working professionals. Our online programs are comparable to our on-campus programs and finishing the program will get you a Master's of Science in your chosen field just as it would if you attended an on-campus program.

    Online learning for graduate students at Wentworth provides a flexible and accessible educational experience. Grad students engage with coursework, faculty, and peers from anywhere in the world. This model leverages our digital learning management system to deliver high-quality instruction from Wentworth faculty and collaborative opportunities, accommodating those who need to balance their studies with other professional or personal commitments.

  • How long do online programs take to complete?

    Some Master's programs can be completed in as little as one year, while others may take two or more years to complete. Take a look at the degree pages for details.

  • What is hybrid learning?

    Hybrid learning for graduate students at Wentworth offers a blend of online and on-campus classes that provide flexibility and convenience while still maintaining the benefits of face-to-face interaction and hands-on learning experiences. This model allows students to engage with course materials, faculty, and peers both in person and digitally, accommodating diverse learning styles and schedules. 

    Some programs offer asynchronous "learn at your own pace" courses, while other are scheduled synchronously where you are taught by Wentworth faculty in real time. Please see program pages for more details.

  • What is asynchronous learning?

    Asynchronous online learning for graduate students at Wentworth offers a high degree of flexibility, allowing students to access course materials, lectures, and assignments at any time that suits their schedule.

    This model of learning, which does not require real-time interaction, enables students to balance their education with other commitments, while still benefiting from the institute's rigorous academic standards and resources. 

  • What is synchronous learning?

    Synchronous online learning for graduate students at Wentworth involves real-time virtual classes where students and professors interact simultaneously, fostering a collaborative and engaging learning environment.

    This model provides a structured schedule similar to traditional on-campus classes, offering live lectures, discussions, and group work, while still providing the convenience and accessibility of online education. 

  • How much does an online master's cost?

    The cost of our programs can be found on the Financing Your Graduate Education page. Graduate merit scholarships may be available. Speak to an admissions counselor to learn about tuition, fees, and funding options.

Speak to a Graduate Counselor

We're here to help. Our admissions counselors are available by phone and email.

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