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Wentworth's Strategic Plan

Members of the Wentworth Community,

Following numerous discussions with faculty, staff, students, industry and community partners, alumni, and various supporters during the summer and fall of 2019, the plan for Wentworth’s future galvanized around four strategic focus areas:

  • Inclusive Excellence
  • High-Value Learning
  • Transformative Student Experience
  • Next-Generation Partnerships

Four multidisciplinary working groups took on the considerable and important task of developing a vision of how we might achieve these strategies, outlining actions steps necessary to get us there.

This strategic plan reflects the work we must do together to secure Wentworth’s bright future, work that we will tackle with optimistic urgency. We derive that optimism from the accomplishments of our great university and its solid position in the marketplace. We offer the educational programs for which there is significant labor market demand. We are committed to applied learning. We have a highly dedicated faculty and staff. Our institutional and community partnerships are strong. All of this contributes to producing graduates who I am told, time and time again, bring extraordinary value to the world.

We take our sense of urgency from the recognition that higher education is facing substantial headwinds. We must act now to build on our firm foundation and secure Wentworth’s vibrant future. This plan provides a roadmap for doing just that.

I am confident that we will fulfill this strategic plan and the vision that inspired it the way members of the Wentworth community always have—together, we are the architects, engineers and designers of Wentworth’s destiny!

Respectfully yours,

Mark A. Thompson, Ph.D.