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While the return on investment is there, paying for tuition can be a big-ticket item and we want to make it as easy and flexible as possible for our students and their families. 

Paying Your Bill

  • Upcoming Billing Dates

    Wentworth Institute of Technology bills 3 times each year for full-time undergraduate and graduate students. The upcoming bill due dates are as follows: 

    Upcoming Billing Dates 


    E-Bill on LeopardWeb 

    Bill Due Date 

    Fall 2021

    June 16th, 2021

    July 28th, 2021

    Spring 2022

    November 9th, 2021 December 1st, 2021

    Summer 2022

    March 1st, 2022

    April 1st, 2022

    Notifications are sent to each student's Wentworth email address when the bill is available on LeopardWeb. Phone call announcements are sent to the student cell phone number on file, or to the home phone if no student cell number is provided. Student Accounts also mails postcard reminders to the permanent address.  

    Delinquent Accounts and Late Fees 

    Students are required to agree during registration to pay tuition and fees at the beginning of every semester they are enrolled. If the semester balance is not covered by the bill due date, the student will be notified by mail and email that their account is delinquent. In addition, a $100 Late Fee will be applied to accounts that remain delinquent after the past due notice has been sent. Students' whose accounts remain delinquent after 2 past due notifications will be subject to class cancellation, and housing cancellation, if applicable. 

  • How to view and pay your tuition bill

    The E-Bill is accessed online through the student's LeopardWeb account. The E-Bill displays charges, payments and anticipated credits in real time. Please note: Student Accounts does not mail paper bills. 

    • Log into LeopardWeb

    • Click on the "Student" tab 

    • Click on "E-Bill" 

    Online check, credit and debit card payments can be made right from the E-Bill. Please note that credit and debit card payments will be assessed a non-refundable 2.75% convenience fee for domestic transactions, and a 4.25% convenience fee for international transactions. Electronic check payments (E-Checks) are not charged a convenience fee. 

    Other Methods of Payment 

    Guest Payment Portal 

    Tuition payments and housing deposits can be made online through the Guest Payment Portal. Payers will need the Wentworth student ID number, and the amount to pay from the E-Bill.  

    • Go to

    • Click the “Pay as a guest” link

    • Enter the student’s WID# and last name, then “Sign in”

    • Click on the “Account Balance” box

    • Enter the balance owed from the student's E-Bill into the “Amount” box on the right

    • Click the “Add to Payment” button at the bottom and continue the check-out process

    • You'll receive an email confirmation once the transaction is processed 


    Authorized Users

    Students can assign an Authorized User to view the bill and make payment(s) online. Authorized Users can:  

    • See account payment history 

    • Save payment information for future use 

    • Receive instant email confirmations 

    • Email additional payment confirmation to the recipient(s) of their choice 

    Follow this step-by-step guide to set up an Authorized User (pdf) 


    Pay by Mail 

    When sending a check to Wentworth please remember to do the following: 

    • Make your check payable to Wentworth Institute of Technology 

    • Include the student's name and WID# in the memo field of the check 

    • Payments should be mailed to: 

    Wentworth Institute of Technology 
    P.O. Box 845170 
    Boston, MA 02284-5170 


    Overnight Address Pay by Courier (FedEx, UPS etc)

    Wentworth Institute of Technology 
    550 Huntington Avenue
    Boston, MA 02115-5998

    Attention: Student Accounts


    Pay in Person

    Currently only Wentworth students who are clear on the Coverified App may come to the Stduent Accounts Office in person. We are open Monday - Friday from 10am-12pm and 1:00-3:00pm and accept checks and money orders. We do not accept cash payments.

    The Student Accounts Office is on the first floor of Williston Hall, down the hall from the main entrance and the Admissions Office.


    International Wire Payments - Flywire 

    Wentworth partners with Flywire to provide a simple and secure payment portal for our international students. 

    Benefits of using Flywire include: 

    • Eliminates hidden bank fees and ensures that Wentworth receives the correct payment amount 

    • Saves on exchange rates – in most cases, payments can be made in the home country currency. Flywire will process the currency exchange, offering students wholesale exchange rates which are often unmatched by traditional banks 

    • Payments can be tracked through the entire process until they reach the school 

    • 24x7 multilingual customer support 

    Visit the Flywire website

Nelnet Offering Payment Plans

Nelnet Campus Commerce offers payment plans that allow you to pay tuition and fees over time.

Nelnet Logo

Payment Plans

Fund your education in a way that works for you 

  • Payment Plans Available

    Monthly Payment Plan 

    Wentworth Institute of Technology offers an interest-free monthly payment plan in partnership with Tuition Management Systems (TMS). By setting up a payment plan, families may divide the semester bill over several monthly payments, which are remitted directly to TMS by the fifth of every month. Payments appear on the student's Wentworth E-Bill as soon as they are received by TMS.

    Please note that TMS was recently acquired by Nelnet Campus Commerce. Starting in July 2021, Wentworth will be migrating from the TMS platform to the Nelnet system. For more information about the current plan options, or to enroll in a summer or fall 2021 plan, please log onto the TMS website. 


    Fall 2021 Plans - Open for Enrollment

    • 6 Payments: May - October
    • 5 Payments: June - October
    • 4 Payments: July - October
    • 3 Payments: August - October
    • Enrollment Fee: $60.00 


    Each monthly payment is determined by taking the total budget (the remaining balance after subtracting any aid or loans) and dividing it by the number of installments (months in the plan). For example: A $3,000 budget for a 5-payment plan would result in five monthly payments of $600.

    If two subsequent payments are missed, the plan will be canceled and a $100 late fee may be applied to the student’s Wentworth account balance. The student may also be ineligible for future payment plans.

     For questions, or to enroll, please call TMS directly at 1-800-722-4867, or visit their website at 


Refund Policy

Please read our refund policies carefully for your own benefit.

  • Refund Policy for Tuition Accounts

    A refund will be issued to the student or parent only when there is an actual credit balance on the tuition account.  

    Institutional and federal financial aid will disburse to students' tuition accounts approximately 4 to 5 weeks into the term if all the financial aid requirements are complete.  

    • 2020-2021 Refunding Dates 
    • Fall 2020 - Refunds Available approximately October 14, 2020 
    • Spring 2021 - Refunds Available approximately February 17, 2021 
    • Summer 2021 - Refunds Available approximately June 16, 2021 

    Typically, there will not be a credit balance until all institutional and federal aid disburses. Once this occurs and if it creates a credit balance, any remaining credit will be refunded as follows, in this order: 

    If a credit balance is a result of federal Stafford loans, alternative loans and/or grants, the refund will be issued to the student based on the refund option they choose 

    If a credit balance is the result of a Parent PLUS Loan, the refund will be issued to the parent borrower. Refunds from proceeds of the PLUS will be issued to the student only if the parent requests it on the PLUS application 

    If a credit balance is a result of Tuition Management Systems (TMS) payments, the refund will be issued to the TMS plan payer. Any credit balances as a result of a TMS payment will not be refunded until the TMS plan is completed and/or withdrawn 

    If a credit balance is a result of a credit card payment, and the payment was made within the past 90 days, the refund will be credited back to the credit card used for the transaction. If the credit card payment was made more than 90 days ago, the refund will be issued to the student based on the method of disbursement they have selected 

    If a credit balance is a result of payments made by or loans in the name of parents who are separated or divorced, Wentworth will refund to the student. 

  • Wire Payments & Credit Balance

    Wentworth accepts wire payments via Flywire as one of the methods for students and families to remit tuition payment(s). Wentworth’s policy is to process a wire refund back to the original Flywire payer if the credit amount is $2,000 or more 

    Venezuelan Students: Due to the CADIVI requirements and the amount of time required for processing, the above mentioned credit balance threshold may not be applied to wire transfers that are originated in Venezuela. Student Financial Services counselors will determine if the above credit balance threshold for wire refunds should be applied to CADIVI/Venezuelan wires on a case by case basis. If an exception is made that the standard credit balance threshold should not be applied, a student refund will be processed according to the refund preference that the student has selected. 

  • Refund Timelines and Expectations 

    Students can expect to receive a refund from a credit balance within fourteen days from the date the credit balance appears on their account. In general, credit balances will be processed according to the following timeframe only if all financial aid requirements have been completed. The dates below are approximate and are subject to change. 

    Credit balances for a specific term will not be processed until after the add/drop period ends for that term. Credit balances are reviewed every week, and a refund is typically processed that same week. Students can expect to receive the refund the following week after a credit balance is created, depending on the payment preference they have selected. 

    For most students, credit balances are the result of federal financial aid. Financial aid will not disburse until 4 to 5 weeks into the semester. If students are planning to use financial aid to buy books or pay for living expenses, please budget appropriately to cover those costs out of pocket before being reimbursed by your student loans according to the timeframe below. 

    Expected Financial Aid Disbursement 

    • Fall: The first or second week of October 
    • Spring: The first or second week of February 
    • Summer: The first or second week of June 
    • Refunds Sent: Within 14 days from the date the credit balance is applied to the student's account. 
  • Funding for Books and Supplies 

    In accordance with Federal regulations effective July 1, 2011; Wentworth Institute of Technology must provide funds for students who have an anticipated Title IV credit. Student Financial Services will review and process a Title IV advance of up to $750 per semester by identifying Title IV eligible students on the tenth day before the start of the term. The funds must be made available by the seventh day of each term so that students may purchase books and supplies. 

    Title IV eligible students will be reviewed for an advance if the below conditions are met: 

    • Student was packaged for federal aid at the time of review, and 
    • Student has submitted ALL requirements for verification, if applicable, and 
    • Student will have a Title IV credit balance on their account after "direct" charges, and 
    • Student is registered for the semester for which the Federal Title IV credit will be applied 

    Students who have an outstanding account balance from a prior term are not eligible for a Title IV advance. The delivery of the funds will be based on the student’s refund preference. Student Financial Services will not review the account again for credit increases and decreases until the financial aid disburses for the term. 

    Students may opt-out of the advance refund by completing a Title IV Advance Opt-Out form and returning it to the Student Service Center. 

  • Refund Options

    Tuition Management Systems (TMS)/Nelnet is the refund processor for Wentworth students. Student Financial Services enrolls all active students into a refund account with TMS/Nelnet. Upon enrollment, students will receive an email from at their Wentworth email address. Students should follow the instructions in the email to set up their account and manage their refund preference. 

    The default refund delivery method is paper check, however, we strongly encourage students to sign up for direct deposit after the initial enrollment. Students may change their refund preference at any time by logging into their account at 

    1.) Direct Deposit 

    Direct deposit is the fastest way for parents or students to receive refunds from the student's tuition account. After being enrolled into a refund account, simply log into the TMS/Nelnet refund account to set up direct deposit using a checking or savings account. Instructions can be found here: Setting up Direct Deposit.pdf 

    2.) Paper Check 

    Students will receive refunds as a paper check if they do not change the preference to direct deposit. Please allow 5-10 business days for paper refund checks to be received in the mail. After the initial enrollment into the refund account, students and parents must log into the account to update the address that checks are sent to. Student Financial Services cannot update the address that checks are mailed to after the refund account has been set up. 

  • Important Information 

    Any refunds which are a result of a Parent PLUS loan, or another parent loan, will be issued to the payer/borrower as outlined in our policy above. The parent borrower will have the same options to choose from as above. They will receive an email to register for a Wentworth refund account at the email address they used to apply for the loan 

    Any refunds which are a result of a credit card payment will be issued back to the credit card used for the original transaction if the payment was made within the last 90 days. After 90 days the refund will be processed according to your preferred refund option 

    For more information about the school refunds through Tuition Management System visit their website: 

Prorating Tuition Policy

Wentworth prorates tuition for a withdrawing student based on the date in the semester that the voluntary withdrawal paperwork is submitted to the Registar's Office.

  • Tuition Proration Policy 

    Wentworth prorates tuition for a withdrawing student based on the date in the semester that the voluntary withdrawal paperwork is submitted to the Student Service Center. Adjustments are made based on the following schedule: 

    For 15-Week Courses: 

    • The end of the drop/add period/first week of the semester: 100%* Tuition Charge Reversal 

    • The end of the second week of the semester: 75% Tuition Charge Reversal 

    • The end of the third week of the semester: 50% Tuition Charge Reversal 

    • The end of the fourth week of the semester: 25% Tuition Charge Reversal 

    • The fifth week of the semester and later: no reversal of tuition charges 

    • *Any tuition/housing deposits are Non-Refundable 

    For Six- or Seven-Week Courses: 

    • The end of the first week of the course: 100% Tuition Charge Reversal 

    • The end of the second week of the course: 50% Tuition Charge Reversal 

    • The third week of the course and later: no reversal of tuition charges 

    Non-attendance does not constitute official withdrawal. Tuition and fees will not be adjusted until the Registrar's Office receives the official voluntary withdrawal petition from the student. 

    Students who withdraw from Wentworth should contact the Student Accounts and Financial Aid Offices to obtain the appropriate refund schedule, as well as to discuss any remaining financial obligations with a Student Accounts or Financial Aid counselor. 

    Once a student's withdrawal has been processed Student Accounts will perform the appropriate tuition adjustment, if applicable, based on the date of withdrawal. After all tuition adjustments have been processed, Financial Aid is required to perform a "Return to Title 4" (R2T4) calculation to determine how much financial aid a student may be eligible to receive. Withdrawn students will then be notified by mail of the details of the R2T4 calculation. 

    Fees are not refundable. Students are liable for tuition and fees in accordance with the published refund policy. 

    The Tuition Adjustment policy is based on the terms in the Wentworth Academic Catalog. For more information on Withdrawal and Tuition Adjustment, please visit: 


Student Health Insurance Options

Massachusetts state law requires that all students who are enrolled for nine or more credit hours per semester (or registered for Co-op) be covered by the Wentworth student health insurance plan OR a health insurance plan with comparable coverage.  Please direct questions regarding the billing process to the Student Accounts (Billing) at 

  • Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP)

    • A Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) is available through Wentworth. The plan offers exceptional coverage at an outstanding value compared to most options available to students and provides reasonable premium rates for dependents. The SHIP is underwritten by Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Insurance Company and administered by United HealthCare Student Resources 
    • Coverage for the 2021-2022 Wentworth health insurance plan starts on August 28, 2021 and ends on August 27, 2022
    • Coverage details including costs, benefits, exclusions, any reductions or limitations will be available on June 16th, 2021
    • All students who are enrolled for nine or more credit hours per semester (or registered for Co-op) will automatically be billed for the student insurance plan 
    • Wentworth requires International students to be enrolled in the college plan (SHIP) 
  • Waiving the Wentworth SHIP (Opt-Out) 

    • Students who are covered by an alternate plan that offers comparable coverage are eligible to waive (opt out of) the Wentworth plan by completing an online health insurance waiver form 
    • To waive the Wentworth health insurance Waiver Link 
    • The waiver must be completed by the Fall bill due date, July 28th, 2021
    • Students must either enroll in the SHIP or complete the online waiver by the bill due date for the term in which the charge is applied. Once the waiver is completed, a credit will be added to the student's E-Bill to offset the charge 
    • The health insurance waiver is required to be completed every academic year. Failure to complete the online waiver by the bill due date will result in a mandated health insurance charge. Students will then be responsible for paying any outstanding balance in full
  • Disqualified Plans 

    • MassHealth Limited, Health Safety Net, and Children's Medical Security Plans do not provide coverage that meets the Massachusetts state requirements for student health insurance. Students who use these types of plans to fill out the health insurance waiver will be denied 
    • Out-of-state Medicaid programs are also not accepted 
  • On-Campus Health Services

    Wentworth offers on-campus health, mental health, wellness, fitness and many other service. To learn more visit Health & Wellness Services. 

Perkins Loan

The Perkins Loan program, no longer available for current students, is a low interest loan that was available for undergraduates with exceptional financial need. Many Wentworth alumni have benefit from this loan program. 

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