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Financial Aid Verification

Financial Aid Verification

Verification is the process in which the US Department of Education compares the information received from your FAFSA to your federal tax transcripts and W-2 statements. Wentworth notifies students who have been selected for verification that additional tax information may be necessary. If you are selected for verification by the US Department of Education, you will be notified on your Student Aid Report and/or will receive a missing information letter from the Wentworth Financial Aid Office. You must submit all requested documents by July 11th. All documentation should be handed in together. Incomplete or inaccurate documentation will not be accepted. You cannot receive financial aid until the verification is complete. It is the student's responsibility to make sure that your verification documentation is submitted on time and accurately. Failure to do so may result in the student's aid being canceled.

Student Forms

Incoming freshmen as well as returning students will now use Student Forms to submit financial aid documentation. Student Forms is a paperless service that will eliminate the need to submit physical documents to the financial aid office. Students attempting to use the service for the first time will be prompted to create an account. Students will also be given the option to receive text messages directly to their mobile phones if they wish. Once an account has successfully been created, students will be able to simply log in using their WIT credentials from that point forward. Once logged in, students can then view their financial aid requirements. Student Forms will walk students through the process of completing the necessary online forms and allow them to e-sign. Dependent students will have the ability to send an e-signature request to a parent so that they may sign e-sign specific financial aid forms as well. Completed forms submitted through Student Forms will then be reviewed by the financial aid staff. Students may receive an email/text alert if any additional documentation is required, or an error needs correcting. If you have any questions regarding our new paperless financial aid process, please don't hesitate to contact us in the Student Service Center.

All emails are sent to your Wentworth email account so be sure to check it daily.

To obtain a copy of your IRS Tax Return Transcript

Note: Tax transcripts should not be sent to Wentworth Institute of Technology. Please have this form sent to you directly and then forward to Wentworth with the student name and ID number written across the top of the page.

Providing Parent/Spouse Information

Wentworth Institute of Technology adheres to the basic premise that you and your parent(s) or spouse have the primary responsibility for financing your education. Financial aid is intended to assist with the educational expenses that remain after your family's resources have been considered. Therefore, all applicants must provide their parent’s or spouse’s information when completing the FAFSA.

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