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Information for Parents & Families

Parents, we realize that you are an instrumental part of your student’s success here at Wentworth. We know that in most cases you are the payers of their bills and the keepers of their financial and academic records. We will do our best to help you get all the information you need regarding your student’s account. Please understand, however, that we do have limitations on what we can share with you. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) protects certain types of student information which can only be released with written authorization from a student. Information such as ID numbers, grades, overall G.P.A., schedule, class meeting times and locations cannot and will not be given out to parents unless we have written consent from your student on file.

In addition, your student’s tuition account here at Wentworth is their responsibility and as such you will need to work with your student for them to provide you with information regarding the E-Bill, E-Award letter, and Account History. If for whatever reason a bill is not settled, or a loan is not repaid, it is your student who will suffer the financial consequences. Although we do work closely with parents it is our goal to help students become increasingly independent in managing their own accounts.

Please know that we will help you as much as we possibly can, and we are here as a support system so that your student has everything that he or she needs to be successful. Below are the topics frequently asked about by parents in alphabetical order.

Topics Commonly Asked About by Parents

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