Academics & Experiential Learning

How We Teach Influences How Much You Learn

Wentworth is a maker community. We build things and we learn by doing. Academics, of course, are essential, and our classroom learning marries the skills of our exceptional faculty with rigorous curricula that represent the leading edge of knowledge in every discipline we offer.

We integrate experiential learning with our academics. This takes many forms. Only Wentworth requires a minimum of two co-op semesters in order to graduate. But that’s just the beginning. Other hands-on activities involve EPIC Learning projects, which are interdisciplinary engagements with external parties; opportunities to develop entrepreneurial ventures; and service learning projects with community partners.

We believe that our unique blend of academics and experiential learning helps students to learn more, put what they’ve learned into practice, and graduate with the know-how needed to be successful in their careers.

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Hands on Beyond the Classroom

Cooperative Learning & Internships

We strive to create connections between the Wentworth community and the professional community around us. All Undergraduates work in Coops to complete their degree. And we work with Alumni to open up future Coops. 

Innovation & Entrepreneurship are Baked Into the Journey

In today's economy, success depends largely on the ability to work collaboratively with others from different disciplines and organizations. Our Externally Collaborative, Project-based, Interdisciplinary Curricula will build that success for all students.