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Financial Hardship Resources

Wentworth students juggle multiple deadlines, projects, and responsibilities. They are working hard to reach their goals. There are some students who are also experiencing a financial hardship and take on a greater burden.

Recognizing that their determination and resiliency is strong, students may benefit from some assistance to ease the burden and stress of financial hardship.

In order for students to achieve their full academic and career success, having their basic needs met cannot become part of the challenges of furthering their education. For this reason, we have established some resources that can help students on their journey to success.

Resources for Students Experiencing Financial Hardship

  • Care & Support from the Dean of Students Office

    The Dean of Students Office serves as a resource for students. We recognize that students may encounter a variety of challenges during their time with us. We are committed to working towards achieving our vision that Every Student Thrives. Never is this more important as our students persist towards graduation (or even just the end of the semester) amidst a global pandemic and system racism.

    Throughout the year, any member of the Dean of Students Office can be available to speak with a student to talk through their specific experience and determine what resources and services on campus (and sometimes off campus) could be helpful. In some instances, we meet with students on a regular basis for ongoing support. Staff are available to speak with family members as well. Depending upon the situation and/or the student’s FERPA release on file, staff may only be able to provide general information. To request a meeting with a member of the Dean of Students Office, please click here.

    Meet our Care Specialist!

    Lyndsey Emmons joined our staff in December 2019. Lyndsey meets with students who are experiencing some personal difficulty that impedes their academic success. These challenges could range from medical or mental health, family relationships, or financial hardships. Lyndsey can also assist students who are interested or need to take a medical leave of absence. Lyndsey can be contacted via email at

    WIT Cares

    This past year, we unveiled a new website designed to connect students more easily to campus resources. WIT Cares is essentially a detailed, user-friendly search engine. Simply type in a keyword related to your question or concern, and WIT Cares will direct you to the most appropriate person or office on campus. WIT Cares is a helpful tool for families as well. Check it out here!

  • Student Emergency Fund

    The Student Emergency Fund is administered by the Dean of Students Office, working in tangent with the Financial Aid department of the Student Service Center. The fund was developed in 2005 to assist students who are experiencing financial hardship with the expenses of life as a college student. The fund is also used to assist students who experience an unplanned expense, such as having to return home for a family emergency. Financial assistance given to students through the student emergency fund is not a loan.

    For specific questions regarding the fund, what is covered, and who can access it, please email If you need support with long-term solutions for financial challenges you are facing, please contact us.

    To submit an Emergency Fund request, please complete this form. A staff member will then reach out to you, to follow-up with your request.

  • Leopard Food Pantry

    The Leopard Food Pantry is managed by the Student Service Center and provides students access to nonperishable food and toiletry items at no cost.

    The pantry is located within a private room of the Student Service Center and requests can be made by completing this submission form or contacting the pantry directly via email,

    Students requiring further food assistance should contact the Dean of Students Office,, to discuss available resources and support services.

  • WIT Supply Closet

    The Supply Closet is located in Rubenstein Hall, just outside of the Dean of Students Office, and was created for students who need basic office or design supplies.

    Traditionally, the Supply Closet is unlocked and accessible to students so they may take what they need, when they need, no questions asked. Due to Covid-19 safety measures we have adjusted the operation of the closet to make accessing supplies both safe and equitable for all students, regardless of in-person or remote learning status.

    Supply requests can be made by completing this submission form and we our staff will work to coordinate the pick-up/delivery accordingly.

    If you have questions about the supply closet, or have a specific request, please reach out via email at

  • WIT Wear

    WITwear is a clothes-borrowing program where students can borrow professional attire for up to one week for interviews and recruiting events. They can also borrow clothing for any Wentworth related event, such as an Accelerate or EPIC presentation, attendance at a conference and/or a Wentworth-sponsored social event.

    All items are dry cleaned upon return to WITwear. Due to Covid-19 related restrictions, WITWear will not be accessible in person, but students may contact to discuss their specific needs.

    For more information, please visit

  • WITfree

    Be sure to check the #WITFREE hashtag on social media outlets often. Offices and student groups will utilize this hashtag when they have free giveaways, free food, etc…

    If you have on-campus classes this semester, there are also #WITFREE bins on the ground floor of the Flanagan Campus Center. You never know what you may find in the #WITFREE bins. In the past, offices have donated lab coats, design/craft materials, and books among many other items.