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Information to Live on Campus (returning students)

  • Housing for Spring 2024 semester

    If you were on co-op this Fall, or if you are otherwise interested in living on campus this Spring, please see the contents of this email.  


    If you do not wish to live on campus for Spring 2024, no action is needed from you at this time, and you can disregard this email. 


    Housing Down-Payment and Housing Agreement 

    Spring 2024 down-payments and housing agreements are now being accepted, and are due by Monday, December 4, 2023 by 4:00pm ET. 


    If you are interested in living on campus this Spring, please visit your myHousing portal to submit both your non-refundable $500 down-payment and your housing agreement. The housing down-payment is collected during the completion of the housing agreement using the integrated payment portal – be sure to have your payment method ready (credit card or electronic check). Your housing down-payment goes towards the cost of your Spring 2024 housing expenses. 


    Any student who anticipates having financial difficulty affording the housing down-payment should submit a waiver request here prior to December 1, 2023 by 4:00pm ET. 


    Students who submit a housing down-payment after the deadline will not be eligible to participate in housing selection, however, these students will be assigned a space based on availability after the selection process is complete. 


    Housing Agreement Completion Instructions: 

    • Log on to myHousing portal using your WIT credentials 

    • Once logged in, click “Housing Agreements” on the left menu 

    • Click “Spring 2024 Housing Agreement” 

    • Read the Spring 2024 Housing Agreement terms and details, and sign your name 

    • Complete the subsequent information pages, and select your meal plan 

    • Submit your $500 housing down-payment using the integrated payment portal 

    • Click submit! 


    Housing Selection Information: 

    Students will have two options to find their Spring housing assignment:  


    Option 1: Select a housing assignment during Housing Selection 

    We anticipate Spring 2024 housing selection will take place on December 18th and 19th, 2023. Students will receive a housing selection time and will be able to access the system at that designated time to select their Spring 2024 housing assignment. Take note of the following: 

    • Students will be able to log into the housing software system prior to housing selection to see open vacancies. Students will be notified once this is available. 

    • Students may select individually or, using the system, may form a small roommate group to be able to select vacancies in the same suite/apartment. 

    • If forming a roommate group, students will not need to fill all of the open vacancies within the suite/apartment; they will be able to select from any open vacancies.  

    • It is anticipated that vacancies will be available in the Apartments@525, 555 Huntington Avenue, 610 Huntington Avenue, as well as Louis Prang and Vancouver Apartments. Floor plans can be found here. 

    • Single occupancy spaces are very limited; not everyone participating in this process will get a single occupancy space. 


    Option 2: Share with Housing and Residential Education your preference to live in a double or triple occupancy space with a current Fall 2023 resident 

    We understand that many students are returning to campus from a co-op semester and have friends here on campus in which they would like to live with. Students interested in requesting a specific space with a confirmed vacancy may complete the Housing Request Form (after they submit their down-payment and housing agreement), to indicate where they would like to be placed. Take note of the following: 

    • When completing the form, you must include the building, room number, bedroom letter, and the current resident’s name in the comments section. 

    • The space being requested must have a confirmed vacancy. This means if a student in that space has not yet completed their housing cancellation form for Spring 2024, we cannot assign you to that space. 

    • Before submitting a request, you should first connect with the students you are requesting to live with to ensure it will be a healthy and compatible living environment for all of you. 

    • This process is only available for confirmed vacancies in double and triple occupancy spaces. Students wishing to select a single occupancy space must use option 1. 

    • Option 2 has a firm deadline of December 4, 2023 by 4:00pm ET. 


    Important Billing Information: 

    The Spring 2024 student EBill becomes available on November 1, 2023 and is due on December 1, 2023. This billing date is set by the Student Accounts office.  


    All students participating in housing selection will see their selected meal plan on their EBill within 24 hours of completing the housing agreement. Students participating in housing selection will also see an Anticipated Room Charge of $7,327 reflected on their student EBill. This charge, the rate of a double occupancy room in 610/555 Huntington Avenue, is added to your EBill to allow you to correctly anticipate your Spring 2024 charges and to be able to enroll in a payment plan, if you choose to.  


    Once a housing selection is made, your student EBill will be updated to reflect the actual rate of the selected assignment within 24 hours. EBills will be adjusted based on the selected assignment, and students must settle any remaining balances as soon as possible, and prior to residence hall move-in. Housing and meal plan rates can be found here. 


    We advise students to share this billing information with individuals (e.g. parents, guardians) who assist with the payment of tuition, room, and board charges. 


    General Information: 

    • All residential students are required to purchase a meal plan. Meal plan options have recently changed -- for more information regarding meal plan and housing costs, please visit here. 

    • Please note that Housing and Residential Education works hard to accommodate all housing requests whenever possible. Your patience and understanding are appreciated. 

    • Students anticipating a need for medical housing accommodations should contact Accessibility Services in the Success Studio at or (617) 989-4545.  

    • The priority deadline for requesting medical housing accommodations through Accessibility Services for the Spring 2024 term is December 1, 2023. 


    Please do not hesitate to contact Housing and Residential Education at or at (617) 989-4160 with any additional questions. 

Floor Plans

Please find the residential community floor plans and room occupancies below. These are for general use only, and do not always accurately reflect available spaces/configurations/vacancies.  

Floor plans for Baker Hall, Evans Way, and Tudbury Hall are shared on the First-Year Housing Selection Guide, shared with incoming students via Wentworth email. 

Please find a virtual tour of residential communities here and here. Be sure to log in with your WIT credentials.

Resources and Questions

  • Contact Housing and Residential Education with questions:
  • Follow us on social media!
  • No longer planning to live on campus?
    • If a student does not intend to live on campus and wishes to cancel their assignment, students should visit our forms section to complete a housing and meal plan cancellation form.
    • First-Year and Second-Year students are required to live on campus for Fall and Spring semesters as per our Residency Requirement