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Withdrawing from Wentworth

How to Withdraw from Wentworth

Students who intend to withdraw from Wentworth are required to submit a Voluntary Withdrawal Petition to the Registrar's Office. A grade of "W" will be assigned to all courses attempted in the effective semester as long as the form is submitted by the deadline published in the Academic Calendar. If a Voluntary Withdrawal Petition is submitted after the deadline, final grades will be recorded instead of "W" grades and the date of withdrawal noted on the transcript will reflect the end date of that semester.

Students who are transferring from Wentworth to another institution sometimes utilize the Common Application, a standardized form accepted by many colleges. Students should be aware that Wentworth will use the Common Application Report solely to report the student's academic and disciplinary standing. Since Wentworth does not rank its students, no ranking will be provided. This also not a personal recommendation form; students who need a letter of recommendation should speak their instructors or advisor.

Student Responsibilities

Student must submit a Transcript Request through in order to accompany the Common Application Process.

Student must complete the Student Information section and sign the form where indicated.