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The Wentworth Data Science degree program is a launchpad to a career in fields such as computing, informatics, actuaries, health sciences, and many others. Our education at Wentworth is hands-on and focuses on the future of the industry to create graduates who enter rewarding careers.
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Harvard Business Review named data science “the sexiest job of the 21st century" and data science is the #3 job in the United States according to Glassdoor. The median salary as $110,000 with high opportunities for advancements and salary according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, and above-average flexibility in working schedule and work-life balance. 

  • The Bachelor of Science in Data Science program equips students with a foundation in statistics and computer science and data-insightful topics such as machine learning, data mining, and data visualization. The rigorous curriculum provides hands-on training on data science software for data analysis lifecycle, including data acquisition, data management, data analysis, model development and deployment, and visualization to promote the principles of an inclusive and ethical society. Students acquire the skillset to be competitive in the job market and apply these skills directly in the work environment through two required co-op work semesters.

    Forging Real-World Skills in the Classroom

    Wentworth Data Science (BSDS) program gives the students the opportunity to develop critical professional skills and network with prospective employers. The curriculum was designed to provide emerging skills (Data Science Fundamental, Data Mining, and See It and Say with Data Viz), experiential learning components (two required Co-Ops), and a professional learning component (Senior Design).

    Future Options

    The Data Science has 3- and 4-year Bachelor of Science options. And with the Wentworth 3+1 program, you can earn your Master's degree immediately after your third year in school.

  • Over the next 10 years, employment demand is expected to grow by 23% for Data Scientists nationwide. Now is the time to gain the hands-on experience you need in this growing. Students in this program will learn how to apply mathematical concepts to model real-world problems, implement solutions and validate outcomes and use data science software for data analysis lifecycle.

    Through Wentworth’s strong network of employers, including many alumni, Data Science students obtain professional experience during their two required cooperative education semesters. During these semesters, students gain invaluable, practical employment and experience.

  • This four year program starts in the fall semester of the student's first year and is planned to end in the summer semester of the student's fourth year.

    Visit the Data Science Curriculum page to learn more about the coursework offered in this degree.

  • The School of Computing & Data Science will seek accreditation from ABET after graduating its first cohort of students.

What You'll Learn

  • Year 1

    You’ll establish a foundation for your Data Science program by taking Computer Science I & II, Engineering Calculus I & II, and Discrete Mathematics. These courses will lay the groundwork for a comprehensive understanding to practical data science concepts that you’ll apply in the rest of your program.

    An optional pre co-op work term is available to students during the summer semester.

  • Year 2

    Second year data science students expand their knowledge with courses in Data Structures, Algorithms, and Data Science Fundamentals. You’ll bolster this knowledge with additional statistics courses and Linear Algebra. 

    An optional co-op (beyond 2 required semesters) is available to students during the summer semester.

  • Year 3

    In the fall and summer semesters of your third year, you’ll dive further into Data Mining and Databases and supplement your core program courses with electives in your desired area of study.

    In the spring, you’ll begin the first of two required co-ops.

  • Year 4

    In the spring, you’ll go on your second required co-op to gain more hands-on industry experience.

    The remainder of your program allows you to round out your data science knowledge through several electives depending on your focus area. You’ll work on your senior project in your final semester.

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