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Foundational Wellness: Safe & Secure

Safe and Secure


Safe and Secure foundational wellness connotes the physical and metaphysical ways in which that one provides for their own safety, comfort, and security.  In keeping one safe and secure, we think of those physical details of our lives that help provide a foundation for success.  Additionally, feeling safe and secure requires an awareness of the world around us.  

  • Housing Stability

    The extent to which one’s access to housing of reasonable quality is secure. 

  • Financial Stability

    The lack of worry in regards to expenses or financial obligations because one is able to handle finances without taking on more debt. 

  • Physical and Emotional Safety

    Living without stress, fear, and anxiety associated with danger 

  • Food Security

    Having physical and economic access, at all times, to sources of food that meet dietary needs for a healthy and productive life 

  • Environmental Awareness

    Living in good health in an environment that is pleasing and stimulating in support of positive well-being. Additionally, it means to be aware of one’s impact on the environment surrounding them and recognizing the delicate nature of Earth and one’s need to protect its’ resources. 

  • Political Awareness

    Knowledge of and engagement in the public policy and government on the macro and micro levels and how the currents of agendas affect ones’ life.