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Student Life

Our students are relentlessly curious, and their passion carries well beyond the lab. From robotics clubs to design collaborations, there is no shortage of opportunity to challenge yourself in pursuit of a better tomorrow.

Three students sit on the quad and enjoy at barbecue on a sunny day

Center for Student Life

The Center for Student Life (CSL) is dedicated to enriching a student’s experience outside of the classroom and providing support and resources to promote their wellbeing and success. The Center for Student Life includes the following areas: student engagement and involvement, transition programs, family engagement, and graduate student life. 

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Center for Diversity and Global Engagement

The Center for Diversity and Global Engagement (CDGE) at Wentworth promote cross-cultural perspectives, inclusivity, leadership development and personal growth among the Wentworth community. They foster a welcoming, brave and safe environment for all students with a specific focus on underrepresented populations and their allies through social and educational opportunities such as student organizations, trainings, and more.

Three Wentworth students celebrating at the Boston Pride Parade.

Success Studio

At Wentworth, we are committed to student success. In support of this mission, the Success Studio acts as the central hub dedicated to helping our students thrive through the provision of Academic Support and Advising Services.

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Community Learning + Partnerships

Since  2000, Community + Learning Partnerships, better known as CLP, has been Wentworth's community engagement arm and the hub for college access + success of Boston residents. Wentworth, through CLP, started with community engagement as the core of its local impact, offering the expertise of our students, faculty, and staff to support the needs of Boston residents. In 2011, Wentworth added the Boston Pipeline to CLP's repertoire, strengthening our founding as an institution focused on providing technical education to Boston learners.

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