Sustainability can mean many different things. At Wentworth, our approach to sustainability aspires to improve environmental, social, and economic performance, drawing from the Brundtland Commission’s definition of sustainable development:  development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” 

The Wentworth Creed, which dates back to 1904, echoes this in its principle of Economy, stating, “We seek to use our resources wisely at all times. We accept our obligation to safeguard the earth, its resources, its life, and its energy for the benefit of future generations."

Campus sustainability initiatives are guided by the Wentworth Sustainability Committee, which was appointed by the President in 2007.  Specific initiatives are undertaken by working groups formed by the Committee, including carrying out the obligations of the Carbon Commitment.  

In addition to the Sustainability Committee, the student-led Wentworth Environmental Collaborative.   This student organization, in existence for over 20 years, runs environmental awareness events and field trips to nearby sites of interest, and mobilizes the student body toward action on sustainability.

Our Mission

The mission of the Wentworth Sustainability Committee is to provide leadership for reducing the Institute’s impact on the local, regional, and global environment. We recommend approaches for increasing the Institute's commitment to sustainability in all areas of the campus including materials and energy use, waste management, construction, purchasing, and the campus curriculum while staying within the boundaries of the Institute’s financial resources and good business practices.

The Carbon Commitment is an essential platform for Wentworth to promote communication and education about sustainability issues and achievements, and to encourage sustainable practices within Wentworth and the neighboring community.   

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