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There is a great deal of research in the medical community supporting the positive impacts on sleep and daily functioning. When we make a commitment to community restfulness, we are setting the standard for our expectations on general well-being. We set the tone for sustainable routines that will have life-long enhancement on performance and achievements. Proper sleep hygiene is often overlooked or taken lightly. There is much to be gained if there is Institution-wide support for sleep health and education. 

  • Sleep

    A naturally occurring state of mind and body typically characterized by a sense of altered consciousness, a lack of awareness of surroundings, reduced muscle activation, and inhibited sensory activity. 

  • Sleep Hygiene

    Healthy habits created with the intentionality of producing good quality sleep. 

  • Sleep Disorders

    Circumstances related to a lack of sleep or the lack of good quality sleep, sleep timing, or duration that impacts the ability to properly function while awake. 

  • Napping

    A brief period of sleep, often during the daylight hours.