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For your security, we cannot view your current password and simply tell it to you. Self Service Password allows you to authenticate if you have forgotten your password with an alternate method (text or alternative email), in order to access your account, without calling the Tech Spot.

If you are not currently enrolled in Self Service Password Reset you may enroll here: Self Service Password Reset. 

If you have enrolled in Self Service Password Reset and need additional assistance you may go through the following steps to regain access to your account. If you know your current password and wish to reset, follow the How to Change Your Password directions instead.


  1. Visit the Get back into your account form.
  2. Enter your full Wentworth email address as the User ID and complete the CAPTCHA verification image. Accessibility and image change options are provided.
  3. Select the verification method you prefer to use
  4. After you have verified your identity, choose a new password.

After successfully changing your password, you may need to update...

Sample reasons why you might need to recover your password

  • You forgot the password
  • Someone else knows your password and changed it without your knowledge

I still can't access my account

  • If you have not previously set up your recovery contact information or are otherwise unable to complete the self-service process above, please contact the Tech Spot for further assistance.