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Our curriculum exposes you to business administration, mathematics, chemistry and design to ensure you become a well-rounded graduate ready to excel in the world of construction.

Wentworth’s construction management program provides students with the education and work experience to enter the construction profession as a productive team member with the potential to become an innovative problem solver and industry leader. You’ll be challenged and equipped to apply your expanding technical knowledge and organizational skills to solve contemporary construction problems, and to adapt to changes in society, technology and the profession.

  • Benefit from a Rich and Rewarding Academic Program

    Our curriculum exposes you to business administration, mathematics, chemistry and design to ensure you become a well-rounded graduate ready to excel in the world of construction. You’ll gain a clear understanding of the construction process, learn about state-of-the-art construction methods and materials, and develop crucial skills in management, budgeting, cost control, cost estimation, scheduling, team building and communication.

    Construction management graduates are prepared to meet the demands of the industry and are actively recruited to oversee projects for construction management firms, construction contracting companies, real estate developers, appraisers, financial institutions and real estate management firms. Many graduates also seek positions in government agencies, architecture offices, engineering firms, industrial companies and material suppliers.

    3 Fundamental Principles of the Program


    You’ll build a foundation in creative problem solving by engaging in collaborative interdisciplinary projects that are both academic in nature and focused on industry needs

    Through collaborative assignments during the academic year and major construction projects during co-op, you’ll gain firsthand experience working with teams of designers and engineers to deliver projects that are on time, on budget and functional

    Rich Learning Experience

    The program offers an experienced faculty, authentic work experience, a mentoring program that pairs you with a construction professional, site visits to construction projects and guest lecturers from major construction firms

  • The Bachelor of Science in Construction Management program is a four-year, American Council for Construction Education (ACCE) accredited program that begins in the fall of the student’s first year and is planned to finish in the summer semester of the student’s fourth year. Students are taught the skills necessary to manage resources, time, cost, and quality with an emphasis on team building. Skills developed during the program include management, budgeting and cost control, cost estimating, scheduling, engineering fundamentals, and the development of analytical and communication skills. 

    Visit the Course Catalog for information about program requirements. For an overview of the year-by-year experience in the Bachelor of Science in Construction Management program, see "What You'll Learn" below.

What You’ll Learn

  • Year 1

    You’ll establish a foundation for your Construction Management program by taking introductory courses in construction management, mathematics, and chemistry, which will instill core STEM concepts that you’ll use throughout the program. 

  • Year 2

    Second-year construction management students expand their knowledge with courses like Construction Surveying, which explores the theory and techniques of horizontal and vertical measurements. Students will also take other construction management courses like Statics & Strength of Materials, Estimating, and Building Systems alongside math and financial courses that help forge important management skills.

    An optional pre co-op work term is available to students during the summer semester.

  • Year 3

    In the fall and summer semesters of your third year, you’ll take courses like Concrete Analysis & Design, which covers topics related to the analysis and design of reinforced concrete structures including beams, columns, slabs, footings, and retaining walls. In Advanced Estimating & Bid Analysis, you'll learn about detailed cost estimates including quantity takeoffs, labor & material pricing, overhead & profit.

    In the spring, you’ll begin the first of two required co-ops.

  • Year 4

    In the fall, you’ll go on your second required co-op to gain more hands-on industry experience.

    The remainder of your program tackles the most advanced management concepts in courses like Construction Safety & Risk Management and Labor Relations, which will help prepare you for real-world working conditions. You’ll also finish your program with your senior capstone project.

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