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Student Vaccine Requirements

Everything You Need to Know 

In order to maintain the health and safety of our campus community, Wentworth strongly encourages all students, faculty, staff, and contracted employees to be fully vaccinated and boosted against COVID-19. 

Public health experts advise that COVID-19 booster shots will remain critical to enhancing immunity and public health. Accordingly, Wentworth encourages all campus community members to continue to receive COVID-19 booster vaccination doses as they become available and recommended.

Incoming students seeking to waive the Meningococcal vaccine requirement must read this documentation, then print and sign the waiver and upload to your CastleBranch account in lieu of the Meningococcal vaccine document.

Submit Your Proof of Vaccination

*Incoming Fall and Spring 2023 Students: Click Here for Directions on How to Create a CastleBranch AccountStudents must use their Wentworth Email Address to Create their Account*


To support a seamless vaccine compliance process for our students, Wentworth is using CastleBranch, an independent compliance company working with many colleges and universities, to provide a HIPPA-compliant, vaccine portal. This portal will allow our students to upload all their medical vaccine documentation and to access their medical vaccine records at any time in the future if they need these documents for work, travel, or additional schools of higher education.

There are Wentworth specific instructions for students to submit vaccination information on the CastleBranch portalBe sure to follow the instructions that are applicable to your status.

Incoming Students

Incoming students can access the CastleBranch portal and upload their vaccine documentation required by the state of Massachusetts for all undergraduate and graduate students under the age of 30 including:

  • MMR                          
  • Varicella                    
  • Tdap                          
  • Hepatitis B                
  • Meningococcal (for students under the age of 21)

Students can also upload any annual flu vaccination and/or COVID-19 vaccinations to their CastleBranch account. 

Booster Shots

Public health experts advise that COVID-19 booster shots are critical to enhancing immunity and public health. Accordingly, Wentworth strongly encourages students to obtain booster shots for COVID-19, when eligible. Wentworth also encourages students to obtain their annual flu vaccines. 

Deadlines for Immunization Submissions

  1. Aug 01

    Incoming Students Deadline for Fall Semester

    Wentworth will require all students to demonstrate - via CastleBranch - that they have received all required immunizations by August 1st, 2023. 

Resources for Getting Your Vaccine

To obtain COVID-19 vaccinations, view the Vax Finder or any CVS pharmacy for other medical vaccines. 

Exemption to Vaccine Policy and Questions

In cases of exemption to the required vaccinations, students are able to upload exemption documentation into their CastleBranch account. Medical exemption letters must come from a medical doctor. Religious exemption letters much come from a student (or a parent or legal guardian for students under age 18) and note that medical vaccines conflict with deeply held religious beliefs.