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Tuition insurance is available through GradGuard. Opt in coverage will be presented each semester through a link on your E-Bill, or you may contact GradGuard directly to enroll.  Enrollment must be completed prior to the first day of each semester.   

Tuition insurance can protect up to 100% of your family's education investment should a student need to withdraw for a medical reason(s). Most colleges and universities do not provide 100% refunds but GradGuard Tuition Insurance can protect your investment.  Please visit Wentworth's Proration Policy.

Tuition Insurance provides reimbursement when a student cannot complete an academic term due to an unforeseen, covered accident, injury or other covered reason.  Tuition insurance can cover:

  • Serious Injury or Illness
  • Mental Health Conditions
  • Chronic Illness

We encourage you to review the policy coverage guidelines and contact GradGuard with questions or concerns at or at 877-794-6603. 

For claims, please contact GradGuard at 888-427-5045.