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We’re here to help you determine the best way to afford a Wentworth education. Since everyone’s financial situation is unique, our financial advisors will work with you one-on-one to help you get the information and assistance you need.


Help to Afford a Quality Education

Wentworth students have several available financial aid and scholarship options, and the Financial Aid staff is dedicated to helping our students and their families find the aid that's right for them. Over 80% of our students receive some form of financial aid to help bridge the financial gap and make your educational investment that much easier.  

Financial Aid 

The Wentworth Financial Aid office offers guidance on: 

Be sure to read more about financial aid eligibility and what you'll need to continue receiving aid throughout your time at Wentworth. 

Take these Steps

  1. Complete FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) to tell you if you eligible for need-based, federal, state and Wentworth grants.
  2. If you need to borrow money, visit the Loan section.
  3. If you qualify for additional scholarship money, apply. 
  4. Review your Financial Aid package and accept your loans on myWentworth.

Our financial aid staff are here to help.

Download our Financial Aid Guide.

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Wentworth offers several scholarships that students can utilize to help fund their education. In addition to Merit Award Scholarships, which all students are automatically eligible for without applying, there are several other donor funded scholarships available at the school. The Donor Funded Scholarship program is open to currently enrolled Undergraduate and Graduate students. Learn more about all the institutional options.  

To help make the process of paying for school even easier, Wentworth offers several resources to help you identify external scholarships that you might be eligible for. Scholarship Universe and other online resources are quick and efficient ways to find these opportunities and we'll help you the rest of the way. 

Quick Links to Scholarship Options

Net Price Calculator

Calculate the cost of a Wentworth education, including federal loans, grants, work-study options, scholarships, and fellowships using our Net Price Calculator.

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Gain Financial Wellness

Wentworth’s Financial Aid Office created our financial wellness program Leopard Cents to provide students with the knowledge and skills to effectively manage their finances and achieve financial independence.

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Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund Information

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