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Authorized Users

Becoming an Authorized User is a very important step to be informed about your student's E-Bill.  The anticipated authorized user can request access to the student’s E-Bill or the student can add the authorized user through the link in their E-Bill portal.  Once authorized user access is established, you can 

  • View the balance on the E-Bill

  • Enroll in a payment plan

  • View the charges, credits, payments and pending funds under the Account Activity tab.  

  • Print the semester's statement or save the document as a PDF.

  • View holds and quickly access web links for due dates, outside scholarships, health insurance, tuition insurance and 1098-T information.

Authorized User Requests Access 

  • Authorized User selects “Create New Account” on the Flywire log in page.  

  • Click “No” when asked if you are a current or former student. 

  • Authorized User completes the “Create Your Authorized User Account” (name, email, password.  Do not use your student’s Wentworth email address). 

  • Next, the Authorized User receives an email to verify his/her email address and to activate the account. 

  • The Authorized User is prompted to login to Flywire with email address/password. 

  • The Authorized User is required to verify the student’s ID number and date of birth. 

  • Flywire sends an email to the student indicating that the Authorized User has requested access to the student’s account in flywire. 

  • Once approved, the Authorized User receives notification that the Authorized User has been established. 

  • If the student does not approve, the Authorized User account will remain in pending status. 

Student adds an Authorized User to their account in Flywire 

  • Students access their account through by clicking the “Student Accounts” tile.  

  • Once directed into the Flywire site, select the “Manage Authorized Users” option from the “Actions” menu at the upper right-hand corner of the screen. 

  • The student selects the option to add an Authorized User. 

  • The student will enter the name and email address for the Authorized User. 

  • Then, an email will be sent to the individual whom the student set up. 

  • The Authorized User can then select a password to accompany the email address as the login credentials. 

  • After successful login, the Authorized User will then be able to view the student’s account in Flywire. 

Payment Plan Enrollment 

  • If set-up as an Authorized User through Flywire, login through here.  (See above on how to be set-up as an Authorized User) 

  • Select the “Payment Plan” tab to see the plans available to you. 

  • Click the “Select Plan” button to start your enrollment process. 

Flywire Support 

Domestic Student / Authorized Users 


Email Flywire

Monday – Friday 

9:00 am – 5:00 pm 

International Student / Authorized Users 

+1 857.287.3818 

LIVE CHAT in payer portal 

Monday – Friday 

9:00 am – 5:00 pm