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To work on campus, you must first be officially hired by an Office/Department.  Then you must complete the following documentation PRIOR to your start date of work.  Failure to complete your I-9 in the required timeframe is against the law and may lead to your award being rescinded.

  1. Student Employment Contract (Click to sign electronically)
  2. I-9 Form Use Employer Code 21092- Review of the acceptable IDs for the I-9 must be in person- more information on this process will be available before the first day of classes.
  3. W-4 information will be completed/updated via ADP.  Please use the MyADP Guide for Students for instructions.
  4. Direct Deposit is optional but strongly recommended and is also completed via ADP.

Do not email any documents that contain personal identifiable information (PII).


  • What counts as I-9 documentation?

    You must provide ORIGINAL documentation of both identity and employment eligibility to verify your right to work in the United States.  A signed, valid US passport will fill both these requirements.  Documentation of identity can be a Wentworth ID, driver’s license, or any official or state issued ID.  Documentation of employment eligibility can be an original signed social security card or an original US birth certificate.  If you do not have any of these documents, refer to the acceptable documentation list.  

  • Why am I completing a W-4?

    All students must complete a Federal Tax Withholding Form (W-4), which is used to determine how much money to withhold from your paycheck for federal taxes.  Complete the W-4 with your permanent address, not your WIT address. This address is where your paystub and W2 will be sent.  Instructions for completing the W-4 can be found here.

  • What if I’m not a US Citizen?

    International students and students who are not permanent US residents are required to secure a Letter of Clearance from the International Services Department PRIOR to securing a job.  Contact International Services during open office hours Monday, 2:00 -3:00 PM, Wednesday, 1:30 to 3:30 PM, and Friday, 10:30 AM to noon.

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