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Wentworth’s Staff Council serves as an advisory body to Wentworth’s president. The bylaws outline the Staff Council’s role in representing the perspectives of staff to the administration, sharing ideas on best practices in their respective areas that support the University’s mission and strategic initiatives, and facilitating communication between the administration and staff at all organizational levels.

The Council’s purpose and objectives include:

  • Supporting the strategic initiatives of the University
  • Providing comment on changes or additions to University policies, practices, and programs for addressing issues of common concern
  • Communicating with staff at all organizational levels about the work of the Council
  • Actively supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion at the University
  • Endorsing and promoting community‐building programs and activities to support closer working relationships and collaborations between and among organizational areas and employees at Wentworth
  • Advocating for and modeling an environment of respect and fairness and building community through effective communication

While the Council is not a decision‐making body, members of the Council provide valuable input, advice, and recommendations on behalf of staff colleagues to the University’s administration.


In November 2020, Wentworth President Mark A. Thompson announced the establishment of a working group of representative staff members from across the University to develop Wentworth’s first-ever Staff Council as an important first step in supporting staff engagement and collaboration.

Divisions held elections during March 2021 and elected their first representatives to sit on the Council. 

Charge of Council

  • Provide comment on changes or additions to University policies, practices, and programs for addressing issues of common concern
  • Communicate with staff at all organizational levels about the work of the Council
  • Actively support diversity, equity, and inclusion at the University
  • Endorse and promote community‐building programs and activities to support closer working relationships and collaborations between and among organizational areas and employees at Wentworth
  • Advocate for and model an environment of respect and fairness and building community through effective communication

Staff Council Members

  • Samantha Cavedon

    My name is Sam Cavedon (she/her), and I am the Staff Council representative for the Institutional Advancement and External Relations (IAER) department. While I have various careers in early education and fundraising, Wentworth Institute of Technology is my first experience in working in higher education and I just completed my first year here in April 2022. I think intercommunication and collaboration between departments is what Wentworth needs to thrive, and I hope to help support my colleagues with my unique perspective and adaptability. I’m looking forward to becoming more involved with other members of the Wentworth community and getting to know the inner workings and needs of Wentworth as a whole. 

    Contact Samantha

  • Kiera Mahoney

    My name is Kiera Mahoney and I have worked in higher education for over seventeen years. It has been a lifelong passion to give clear, direct counsel to students who are entering the next chapter of their educational careers. I have worked with first-year students for most of my career but have switched populations within the last four years to give direction to students who are looking to transfer out of their current institution. I look forward to being an effective voice within the Staff Counsel and adding to the exceptional work that has already been done. 

    Contact Kiera

  • Mayelin Burgos

    My name is Mayelin Burgos (She/Her) and I serve as the Staff Council Representative for the Division of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. I began working at Wentworth in May 2021 at the Center for Community and Learning Partnerships as its first College Success Coordinator. In my role, I partner mostly with first-generation students of color from the city of Boston. I act as a mentor and guide throughout their time at Wentworth helping them overcome any barriers they may face throughout their time on campus.  

    I see the Staff Council as an instrumental part of the Wentworth community; it is a representative body that seeks to elevate the voices and concerns of our community. As such, I have joined the Staff Council to partner with colleagues to continue to strengthen the Wentworth community and ensure that it is a place where all community members can thrive and feel welcomed.    

    Contact Mayelin

  • Pia Romano, Council Vice Chair

    My name is Pia Romano (she/her), I am the Staff Council Representative for Academic Affairs.  I am excited to be on Staff Council to become more involved in the growth of Wentworth as a workplace and a university. I have worked at Wentworth since August 1994. I have a Master of Science in Library and Information Science from Simmons University and a Bachelor of Science in Biology with a minor in Secondary Education from Suffolk University. 

    As a Reference & Instruction Librarian, I have the privilege of meeting many people on campus.  I spend time assisting with research, meeting with classes to introduce library resources and research tools.  I also teach research skills and information literacy.  As a librarian, I work with everyone on campus. In addition to helping students, I meet with faculty and staff to help with research.  I also co-host the Womxn’s Book Club for female identifying faculty and staff at Wentworth.  

    I look forward to meeting more staff on campus and acting as a sounding board and voice.  I want to ensure that staff is not overlooked in the decision making on campus.  I really hope to create a space where staff members will reach out with any campus concerns and issues so council can work to resolve them.    

    Contact Pia

  • Joe Fisher, Council Chair

    Joe Fisher


    My name is Joe Fisher (he/him) and I serve as the Staff Council representative for the Division of Student Affairs. I began at Wentworth in 2019, and since then, have had the pleasure of both teaching and mentoring students, as well as collaborating with passionate and dedicated colleagues.

    I plan to use my position on staff council to elevate the voices of our staff and share their experiences to increase the overall working experience for staff members. I am committed to this work ensuring Wentworth is collaborative and rewarding place for employment. I am open to anyone contacting me to share their experiences and ideas.

    Contact Joe

  • Brian Bosse

    My name is Brian Bosse and I have worked here at Wentworth for going on 29 years. I have and continue to work in the Physical Plant for which the first four years was spent working on the Grounds crew and the past 25 years have been in the HVAC department. I have had a lot of interactions with both faculty and staff through my years as well as with the students. To be honest I feel like currently it is important to stay informed and help make a difference in a crucial time here at Wentworth. Dealing with different issues has always been part of the day-to-day activities here so, to be said, hopefully, I can help the Staff Council. I am looking to enhance what Kim Garcia has done in the previous year for which she held this position.  

    Contact Brian

  • Vania Mauricio

  • Joanne Santarelli

    A headshot of a woman

    I began my career in Higher Education in 1995 at Newbury College and have been here at Wentworth for 23 years. I started as the Payroll Administrator in the Controller’s Office under Finance and more recently,

    in March of 2020, I moved to Human Resources. Early in my career my focus was primarily on Payroll Processing, General Accounting, and Accounts Payable Management. Throughout my years at Wentworth I participated on many HRIS database conversions, 403(B) Census Data Preparation, Finance Audits, 1099 and ACA Tax Filing Preparations and have become proficient on various Payroll and HR platforms.

    As a member of the Staff Council, I feel our most important goal is to not just gather feedback from the staff but really try to make their voices heard. I want to make sure everyone feels like any data or surveys being collected matter and that someone is listening, and their thoughts and opinions can and will make a difference. I want the Staff Council to make a concerted effort to bring forth the collective results and ask, “What’s the next step?”

    I would also like to work with other members of the Staff Council and the Wentworth Community to bridge the communication gap regarding project planning on campus. There are so many great projects, concepts, ideas, and strategies happening on campus all the time but there needs to be a better way to communicate when it comes to project planning. Sharing knowledge, ideas, and resources early on during the planning process could save time, money and so much more. By working on communicating across divisions we can start getting the right people in touch early on and make sure no stone has been left unturned before the project is underway. Making sure the correct budget dollars are allocated, an accurate timeline is in place, the appropriate signage has been ordered, the space has been reserved, food has been ordered, approvals have been made, and so forth. There are so many variables that can often be overlooked and communication is key.

    Contact Joanne

  • Ricardo Then

    I’ve been working at WIT for almost 4 years. I started as a work study student and moved my way up to my current position. I am also a Wentworth alumnus, graduating in 2019 with a BS in Computer Networking and a minor in Security. Some of my interests consist of researching new security threats, photography, and exploring new hiking trails.

    I have many goals that I would like for this council to fulfill, but a few of the main ones are regarding relationships and communication. I believe it is extremely important to have a relationship between our faculty and staff members, which can allow us to better understand and resolve the concerns they may have. The members of the council (myself included) should do everything in our power to ensure that our colleagues feel welcomed when bringing issues to our attention and strengthening the relationship with one another would greatly help in ensuring we all feel comfortable.

    In my opinion, communication is also important in the success of this council. We should do our best to welcome open communication within the Wentworth community in regard to the school’s agenda (e.g. monthly events, activities, emails). Gathering feedback on these plans and events should also be one of our top priorities. Communication should not be a one-way channel; it should be something that both the members of the council and the WIT community can utilize to clearly express their thoughts and concerns.

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