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The following rates are effective July 1 for the 2022 - 2023 academic year.    Rates are subject to change.  



Per Semester 

Tuition (12 – 20 Credits)  



Tuition Per Credit (11 and less) 



Tuition Course Overload (20 and more) 



Tuition Per Credit – Part Time Programs* 







Per Semester 

Tuition (12 – 20 credits) - Architecture 



Tuition Per Credit - Architecture 



Tuition Per Credit - Other Programs 






Per Semester 

Deposit – Admissions 



Deposit - First Year Housing 


Deposit - Continuing Students Housing         






Duplicate Diploma Fee 



Health Insurance Fee*






Housing Release Fee 



ID Replacement Fee 



Laptop Recovery Fee ***



Late Payment Fee / Monthly 



Library Fine 



Parking – Commuter 



Parking – Motorcycle 



Parking – Overnight 



Parking – Evening / Weekend 



Replacement Refund Fee 



Returned Payment Fee 



Technology Fee 



*  Can be waived by the specified deadlines. 

** Estimated.  Charges vary by option.

*** Review your Laptop Agreement Contract

Course Overload 

An overload is any number of semester credit hours over 20 credits. No more than 24 credits or a total of six courses will be allowed. A student will be assessed a per-credit tuition charge for each credit exceeding 20 credits in addition to the full-time tuition charge for that semester.  


A Co-op is full-time, temporary employment in your field of study that enables you to apply classroom learning to professional work experience. Students enrolled in Co-op are not charged tuition for the Co-op semester. Students are charged health insurance because they are considered a full-time student during their Co-op semester. The health insurance charge can be waived. Waiver deadlines apply. Visit Health Insurance for more information.


First year students pay a Tuition Deposit of $250 and a Housing Deposit of $250. Continuing students pay a Housing Deposit of $500. Deposits will be credited to your student account balance. Deposits are non-refundable. Visit the Admissions page regarding Tuition Deposits and the Housing page regarding Housing Deposits.


All students with a residential housing assignment must select a full or partial residential meal plan. All first-year residential students, and those residing in Evans Way Hall, Tudbury Hall and Baker Hall, are required to purchase the Silver, Gold, or Platinum Plan.

Declining balance points from meal plans carry over from semester to semester and expire at the end of the summer semester. This is at the discretion of Wentworth’s dining provider and is subject to change.

Visit Campus Dining for information.

Duplicate Diploma

Duplicate diplomas are available for all alumni who earned a certificate or degree from Wentworth. The cost for a duplicate diploma is $50.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance coverage is determined by the first semester of the academic year in which the student enrolls in nine or more credits, including Co-Op. See the Health Insurance page for more information on coverage, enrollment, and waivers.


All first year and second-year students are required to reside in Wentworth residence halls and select a meal plan.

Students residing in housing or who have signed a Wentworth housing agreement are not eligible to be exempt from the residency requirement for the period of that housing agreement. Visit Residential Life for more information.

Housing Agreement Release Fee

Housing agreements are binding for the full academic year (three semesters if in three-semester housing).   Students who withdraw from their housing agreement without a valid reason will be charged the Housing Agreement Release Fee as outlined in the Housing Withdrawal Policy. Visit Housing Agreements and Policies.

ID Replacement Fee

You may use the same ID card throughout your entire Wentworth career. Please protect your Fenway Card and always carry it with you. The cost of a replacement ID card is $25. Replacement cards can be obtained from the Copy and Mail Center.

Indirect Costs

Indirect costs are paid by the student and include costs associated with books, supplies, travel expenses, personal expenses, and other miscellaneous expenses. Wentworth estimates families should budget approximately $2,000.00 per year for indirect costs.

Laptop Recovery Fee

Withdrawn students who do not return their laptops to DTS (Division of Technology Services) within thirty days of their withdrawal are charged a prorated fee to their student account. Students on a Co-op or a leave of absence are not considered permanently withdrawn. Visit the DTS website for more information.

Late Payment Fee

A $100 monthly late payment fee will be assessed to student account balances not paid in full, on a payment plan and/or having anticipated financial aid, or certified loan funds by the semester’s due dates. Appeals for the waiver of a late payment fee must be sent by the student’s Wentworth email address to during the semester the late payment fee was assessed. Waiver appeals are granted on a one-time only basis.

Library Fine 

Repair and/or replacement costs, in addition to a processing fee, if any part, or item, is lost, stolen, or damaged.  Items overdue by seven days will be considered lost and replacement charges will be assessed.

Visit Douglas D. Schumann Library & Learning Commons for more information.


All students (including part-time, evening & weekend, commuter, and residents) who intend to park a motor vehicle on campus must properly register their vehicle and display the appropriate permit. Student parking permits are effective from the purchase date to the end of the academic school semester. A parking permit does not guarantee a parking space. Parking permits are issued by Wentworth Police at 610 Huntington Avenue. Purchase a Parking Pass (Wentworth Login required)

Payment Plan Enrollment Fee

Wentworth partners with Nelnet Campus Commerce to offer interest-free semester based monthly payment plans. Payment plans allow families to divide the student account balance over several monthly payments per semester. A nonrefundable $60 enrollment is charged for enrolling. Visit Monthly Payment Plans for more information.

Replacement Refund Fee

A Replacement Refund fee will be assessed when refund checks need to be reissued. This applies to checks that need to be reissued because they were not cashed before the check expired, checks that were lost, checks that were sent to an outdated address, as well as checks that need to be replaced for any other reason.

Returned Payment Fee

A returned payment fee will be automatically assessed to the student account if a payment is returned due to insufficient funds or incorrect banking information.

Technology Fee

The Technology Fee supports digital services such as internet access, e-mail, security, help services, software, computer labs, library resources, and wireless networks.