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Living on Campus: Housing & Meal Plan Rates

Housing and Meal Plan Rates

  • Academic Year 2023-2024

    Housing Rates
    Academic Year 2023-2024
    LocationOccupancy TypeCost Per SemesterCost Per Academic Year (Fall 2023 and Spring 2024)
    555 Huntington AveSingle$7,758$15,516
    555 Huntington AveDouble$7,327$14,654
    555 Huntington AveTriple$7,062$14,124
    610 Huntington AveSingle$7,758$15,516
    610 Huntington AveDouble$7,327$14,654
    Baker HallDouble$6,235$12,470
    Baker HallTriple$5,940$11,880
    Evans Way/TudburySingle$6,940$13,880
    Evans Way/TudburyDouble$6,235$12,470
    Evans Way/TudburyTriple$5,940$11,880
    Evans Way/TudburyQuad$5,726$11,452
    Louis Prang/Vancouver StreetStudio$7,440$14,880
    Louis Prang/Vancouver StreetSingle$7,327$14,654
    Louis Prang/Vancouver StreetDouble$6,823$13,646


    Meal Plan Rates
    Academic Year 2023-2024

    All students with a residential housing assignment must select a full or partial residential meal plan. All first-year residential students, and those residing in Evans Way Hall, Tudbury Hall and Baker Hall, are required to purchase the Silver, Gold, or Platinum Plan. Students may request a change in their meal plan before or during the first four weeks of the semester through the meal plan change request form available at No changes to meal plans will be made after the first four weeks of the semester. 

    Meal plans may include a certain number of block meal swipes and/or a certain number of dining points. Dining points from meal plans carry over from semester to semester with the continued participation in a meal plan. At the close of the academic year, unused dining points are forfeited and are non-refundable. Unused block meals expire at the end of each semester. This is at the discretion of the University’s dining provider and is subject to change. More information regarding Dining Services is available at

    • Full Residential Meal Plans 
      • Platinum (Unlimited Anytime Meals + 150 dining points): $3,100/semester 
      • Gold (225 Anytime Block Meals + 500 dining points): $2,575/semester 
      • Silver (175 Anytime Block Meals + 700 dining points): $2,260/semester 
    • Partial Residential Meal Plans 
      • Ruby (1050 dining points): $1,050/semester 
      • Emerald (525 dining points): $525/semester 
    • Summer Residential Meal Plans 
      • To Be Announced.

Current Student Information

  • All students are required to live on campus for their first two years. For information about the Residency Requirement, including how to request an exemption, please visit our Residency Requirement information on the Residential Policies page.
  • If you are a current student in need of housing, please complete the "Housing Request Form" form.
  •  Students requesting housing accommodations should contact Accessibility Services