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What to expect?


If you want to explore majors in the School of Engineering, we have specially designed a first year experience complete with seminars, workshops, and career assessments to help you choose your academic pathway.

Majors Offered

Curriculum & Course Sequences


The course curriculum allows you to experience the breadth of our degrees:

Fall Semester

  • Introduction to Engineering Experience
  • Engineering Laboratory
  • Active Calculus IA*
  • Active Calculus IB*
  • Engineering Physics I*
  • English I*

Spring Semester

  • Applied Engineering Analysis 
  • First-year Engineering Design
  • Active Calculus IIA*
  • Active Calculus IIB*
  • Engineering Physics II
  • English II*

*An AP Score of 4 or 5 can replace Calculus I & II, and English I. Math and English placements will determine coursework.

Ready to Apply?

The Exploratory First Year Track is available for you to select in the Common App when you choose selected majors in Engineering.