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Campus-Wide Education, Training, and Upcoming Programs

Student Education and Training

Step UP!

Step UP! is a comprehensive bystander intervention program that teaches you how to be an active bystander and by showing you how to use effective helping methods like the Five decision making steps, Strategies for effective helping including the 5 Ds, S.E.E.K. model: Safe, Early, Effective, Kind, Warning signs, action steps, and resources you can take advantage of. Remember Don’t be a passive Bystander anymore!

Be Kind. Step Up!

Questions? Contact Title IX.

One Love

One Love educates young people about unhealthy and healthy relationships, empowering them to identify and avoid abuse and to practice healthy love.

Questions, contact

Employee Education and Training

The University offers on-going education and training. Please contact Catlin Wells with questions,

Community Education and Training

EVERFI’s higher education curriculum supports students and administrators in fostering safe and healthy campuses. With courses that strive to reinforce healthy decisions and promote positive attitudes and behaviors, EVERFI solutions are designed to create impact and meet key compliance requirements.

Student Modules

  • Incoming students (including first year transfer students) take the Undergraduate Module.
  • Second year students, including transfer students, take the ongoing training module

Employee Modules

  • Employees (faculty and staff) complete the Harassment/Discrimination/Title IX course

Training for Title IX Personnel

The Title IX Coordinator, investigators, decision-makers, and those involved in the informal resolution receive annual training on the following areas:

  • Appropriate definitions;
  • Scope of Wentworth’s educational programs and activities;
  • How to conduct investigations;
  • How to conduct a hearing;
  • Conflicts of interest and bias;
  • Technology used at hearings;
  • Relevancy

Title IX Training

August 10, 2020 - May 2020: Title IX Regulations presented by Grand River Solutions: View training slides and  Pre-Workshop Training Slides

October 13, 2020: Title IX Training: View training slides

October 2021: Title IX Training: View training slides

February 2022: Title IX Investigator Training: View training slides

February 2022 and April 2022: Title IX Report Writing Training: View training slides