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Information for Faculty and Staff

Mandated Reporters

Reports Involving Wentworth Students and Employees

To encouraging reporting and provide a prompt and equitable response, the University will require that certain University officials must immediately report incidents of Prohibited Conduct to the Title IX Coordinator. These “mandated reporters” (formally referred to as Responsible Employees) must report all relevant details of the incident including the name of the Complainant and Respondent , if known, dates, times, locations, and the names of witnesses. Reporting must take place regardless of the location of the incident (on or off-campus) as it assists the Title IX Coordinator in tracking patterns, evaluating the scope of the problem, formulating appropriate campus-wide responses, and ensuring that impacted students are provided with information about reporting options and resources.

Reports are not required if they were made at public awareness events, in approved research projects, and as part of coursework assignments.

The following employees, including student employees, have an obligation to report any and all alleged prohibited conduct that they learn of involving students:

  • Employees in a supervisory role;
  • All employees in Human Resources;
  • All of those in the Department of Public Safety; and
  • All personnel in Athletics, Housing and Residential Life, and Student Affairs (excluding those listed below as a Confidential Employee):
    • Dean of Students Office (617) 989-4702
    • Athletics (617) 989-4655
    • Housing and Residential Life (617) 989-4160
    • Center for Student Engagement (617) 989-4080
    • Schumann Fitness Center (617) 989-4098
    • Center for COOPS+CAREERS (617) 989-4101

Also, while faculty members are not designed Mandated Reporters, they must provide the name and contact information of the Title IX Coordinator to any student who reports an act of Prohibited Conduct to them.

Reports Involving Children and Vulnerable Populations

The University is committed to safeguarding all children, young people, and vulnerable adults involved in our programs, or on our campus. The University will not tolerate the abuse of minors or vulnerable adults in any form. As such, members of the University community are encouraged to report the presence of unaccompanied Minors on campus, as well as any inappropriate conduct by a Minor and an accompanying Adult to the Wentworth Institute of Technology Department of Public Safety (617) 989-4444. Additionally, Wentworth employees and volunteers (including student employees or volunteers associated with the Program) serving as Program leaders or Authorized Adults in University sponsored Programs should be aware that they are mandatory reporters under Massachusetts law and must report to the Department of Youth Services (800) 792-5200 all instances where they have reasonable cause to believe a child is suffering physically or emotionally from abuse, including sexual abuse, or neglect. All such employees should contact the Wentworth Institute of Technology Department of Public Safety (617) 989-4400 or the Office of Compliance and Risk Management (617) 989-4413 immediately in the event they become aware of or concerned about such abuse or neglect and for assistance in making all required reports under Massachusetts law.

Confidential Employees

The University has designated employees on campus where individuals may make confidential reports. Confidential Employees cannot reveal information to any third party unless one or more of the following conditions are present: the individual has provided written consent to disclose information; there is a concern about imminent harm to self or others; the information concerns the neglect or abuse of someone who is a minor, elderly, or disabled; or an employee has been charged with providing non-identifiable aggregate information for purposes of the Clery Act.

The following have been deemed Confidential Employees

  • All of those who work in the Center for Wellness (617.989.4390)
  • Health professionals working within Optum Student Health Services (617.879.5220)

Campus Security Authorities (CSA)

Campus Security Authorities (CSAs) are individuals who by virtue of their University responsibilities and under the Clery Act, are designated to receive and report criminal incidents to the Wentworth Institute of Technology Department of Public Safety so that they may be included and published in the University’s Annual Security and Fire Safety Report. All Employees who are designated as Campus Security Authorities for the purposes of the Clery Act must immediately provide the Wentworth Institute of Technology Department of Public Safety with non-identifying statistical information regarding all reported incidents of sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking.

Employees’ Duty to Cooperate

Exclusive of the Complainant and Respondent, University employees are encouraged to cooperate fully and unconditionally in an investigation conducted pursuant to this Policy. This duty includes, among other things, speaking with the Title IX Coordinator, Investigator, Decision-Maker(s) or appellate body, and voluntarily providing all documentation that relates to the claim being investigated.

How to Assist Complainants

  • If there the complainant tells you that they do not feel safe, their safety is our first priority
  • If the complainant is off-campus, please have them call 911
  • If the complainant is on-campus, you or the complainant can call Wentworth Department of Public Safety at 617-989-4444 or by accessing a Blue Light on campus
  • If you are a Mandated Reporter, remind the student of your role prior to any disclosure.
  • If the complainant requests that this information remain confidential, be honest with the complainant that you are unable to honor that request. However, you can remind the complainant that a formal grievance procedure will not be initiated absent a signed formal complaint.
  • Listening without giving advice and helping the student get connected to the appropriate professional resources on or off campus is the most helpful thing you can do.

  • Remember that your role in this situation may be different than your professional role with students. As the student decides their next steps, it may be hard not to tell the student what to do, but these decisions must be left up to the student. However, if you are a Mandated Reporter, you must report all relevant details in which you are aware to the Title IX Coordinator.

  • For some students, accessing resources after an incident of sexual misconduct can be overwhelming. You may offer to walk them to offices such as the Title IX Coordinator (second floor of Williston Hall), Wentworth Public Safety (first floor of 610 Huntington Ave), or the Center for Wellness (ground floor of Watson Hall), as appropriate. These offices will review available resources with the student.  This small step can make an enormous difference for a student.

  • If you wish to talk to someone about sexual misconduct or how to help, you can call the Title IX Coordinator at (617) 989-4119.

Access Employee Support and Resources

To receive additional personal support and resources, please contact:

AllOneHealth (Institute EAP):
(800) 451-1834 (username: wit, password: employee)

Title IX Coordinator:

Catlin Wells, Executive Director of Equity and Compliance/Title IX Coordinator
Email: or phone (617) 989-4119