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Student Support & Advocacy

Throughout the year, the Student Support Specialists in the Dean of Students Office are here to listen, support, and help students navigate their best path to success. They are here for you, free of judgment, and will serve as a spokesperson if needed. They serve as a liaison between student and challenge; they will inform, advise, and accompany students as an advocate while they navigate their challenge.

Connections & Referrals

Student Support Specialists are available to speak with a student to talk through their specific experience and determine what resources and services on campus (and sometimes off campus) could be helpful. Support Specialists work to connect students directly with departments and staff to ensure students are receiving the support and resolutions they need to continue their academic careers successfully. Staff are available to speak with family members as well. Depending upon the situation and/or the student’s FERPA release on file, staff may only be able to provide general information.

To request a meeting with a staff member, please click here.

Financial Hardship Resources

The Student Support Lounge offers a variety of resources to assist students who may be experiencing financial hardship. Students can request assistance through our Student Emergency Fund and access the Leopard Food Pantry, just to name a few.

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Visit the Student Support Lounge

Check out the new Student Support Lounge and what's available to you!

Entrance to Student Support Lounge

Meet the Support Specialist Staff

Located in the Student Support Lounge in the Dean of Students Office, the Student Support Specialists are available to meet with students on a daily basis. 

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Who Can Help

This past year, we unveiled a new website designed to connect students more easily to campus resources. Who Can Help is designed to help you find resources on campus based on various topics, issues, or concerns. 

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