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Student Support & Advocacy

The Student Support Specialists in the Student Support Lounge serve as a resource for students. We recognize that students may encounter a variety of challenges during their time with us. We are committed to working towards achieving our vision that Every Student Thrives. Never is this more important as our students persist towards graduation (or even just the end of the semester) amidst a global pandemic and system racism.

Throughout the year, the Student Support Specialists can be available to speak with a student to talk through their specific experience and determine what resources and services on campus (and sometimes off campus) could be helpful. In some instances, we meet with students on a regular basis for ongoing support. Staff are available to speak with family members as well. Depending upon the situation and/or the student’s FERPA release on file, staff may only be able to provide general information. 

To request a meeting with a staff member, please click here.

Financial Hardship Resources

The Student Support Lounge offers a variety of resources to assist students who may be experiencing financial hardship. Students can request assistance through our Student Emergency Fund and access the Leopard Food Pantry, just to name a few.

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Visit the Student Support Lounge

Check out the new Student Support Lounge and what's available to you!

Entrance to Student Support Lounge

Meet the Support Specialist Staff

Support Staff photo  Lyndsey Emmons

Lyndsey Emmons (she-her-hers pronouns) joined our staff in December 2019. Lyndsey meets with students who are experiencing some personal difficulty that impedes their academic success. These challenges could range from medical or mental health, family relationships, or financial hardships. She also closely works with, and supports, LBGTQIA+, Continuing education/Graduate, Female-identifying student populations. Lyndsey can be contacted via email at or you may schedule an appointment to meet with her, in-person or virtually, by clicking here.




Support Staff photo Jesse Correia

Jesse Aparicio Correia (he-him-his pronouns) has worked at Wentworth since 2008 and joined the Support Specialist team in June 2021. Jesse meets with students who are experiencing some personal difficulty that impedes their academic success. Jesse manages the financial hardship resources offered to students at Wentworth, including the Student Emergency Fund, WITwear, the Leopard Food Pantry, and Supply Closet. He also closely works with, and supports, our International, Undocumented, BIPOC, AAIP, and Commuter student populations. Jesse can be contact via email at or you may schedule an appointment to meet with him, in-person or virtually, by  clicking here.

Who Can Help

This past year, we unveiled a new website designed to connect students more easily to campus resources. Who Can Help is designed to help you find resources on campus based on various topics, issues, or concerns. 

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