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How To Register for Classes

Registration Priority

Registration priority is based on class status (number of earned credit hours). This is available on your LeopardWeb account under "Student Information." Students will be notified at least two weeks prior to registration of the specific registration dates appropriate to their class level.

  • Fifth Year and Seniors (96+ Earned Hours), ROTC/Veterans, and all Graduate Programs
  • Juniors (64 - 95 Earned Hours)
  • Sophomores (32 - 63 Earned Hours)
  • Freshmen (0 to 31 Earned Hours)

To Register on the Web

Registration for continuing students occurs for each of the three academic semesters during specific dates published on the Academic Calendar. Course offerings, registration instructions and course worksheets are published to the website two weeks before the start of registration. Students are notified that this information is available via the Important Dates Notices from the Registrar sent on the first day of every month and are available on the Academic Calendar.

Students will be able to register for courses online as long as there are no holds on their account, all prerequisites and co-requisites have been met, and the selected section has available seats. Freshmen day students, all students on probation, as well as students in specific majors as determined by the schools are required to meet with their primary advisor prior to registration. For courses that require department permission, students can go to the department office to obtain an override that allows them to register online for the course.

Review your online schedule on LeopardWeb the week before and the first week of classes to see any changes to meeting locations. Schools reserve the right to make changes to the schedule. Course de-registration may occur if a student does not pay their bill or if they do not satisfy minimum grade requirements in prerequisite courses that they are currently taking. 

Colleges of the Fenway Cross Registration

Go to to view course offerings in the "Searchable Course Directory."

If you would like to view available courses at Wentworth for the upcoming semester, please explore the semester Course Schedule.

Technical, Major and HUSS Electives

Technical electives, Major electives, and Humanities and Social Sciences electives offered in Spring 2021: Please check this list (PDF) to see electives in your major.

All academic programs at Wentworth require taking some elective courses. In many cases, these electives fall into a specific category of classes, while others do not draw from a specified group, and are usually selected with the assistance of an academic advisor.

Course offerings are listed in LeopardWeb with their meeting day, time and CRN information when looking at all of the individual sections for a given course. A description of each course can be found in the course catalog.

After you register, check your degree audit to make sure your elective requirements are being fulfilled.