Undergraduate Admissions Requirements

Everything You Need to Know about Applying to Wentworth

Wentworth welcomes students who are eager to bring their passion and talent to bear on real-world problems. We want students who like to work in teams, tackle big problems, and put their hearts and minds into everything they do.

We review applications as they are received. The application priority deadline for completed applications is December 1. After this date, some programs may be closed to further applications, please check with the Admissions Office for space availability in the area of your interest.

Undergraduate applicants are reviewed based on the following criteria:

What You’ll Need to Submit

An Application

Your Official Transcripts

Recommendation Letters

Personal Statement/Essay

Extracurricular Activities 


Additional Information for Specific Applicants

Test-Optional Information

In 2018, Wentworth made the decision to adopt a test-optional admissions policy.  Below are some frequently asked questions to address questions you may have. If you do not see your questions addressed here, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at admissions@wit.edu or 617-989-4000.

Why SAT/ACT Test Optional?

Are All Applicants Eligible for SAT/ACT Test Optional?

How Do I Decide Whether to Submit SAT/ACT Test Scores?

Will My Potential for Admittance be Affected if I Do Not Submit SAT/ACT Test Scores?

Am I Eligible for Merit Scholarships if I don’t submit SAT/ACT Test Scores?