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Policy on Alcohol and Other Drugs

Policy Category and Number: Student Affairs 

Effective Date: 07/26/2023

Responsible Officer: Associate Dean for Health and Wellness  

History: Alcohol and Controlled Substances Policy 

Responsible Office: Student Affairs 

Location: Link 


This policy is intended to satisfy Wentworth Institute of Technology (university) requirements associated with the Drug Free Schools and Communities Act, as regulated by the Drug Free Schools and Campuses Regulations. 


All students and employees. 


Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act 


The Drug Free Schools and Campuses Act requires that students and employees be notified on an annual basis of information related to the unlawful use of alcohol or drugs on university property. In furtherance of this Act, the university produces and distributes information that outlines university policies, described legal sanctions, health risks, available assistance and treatment, and disciplinary sanctions.  





Additional Information & Related Documents:  

Interpretation & Revision:  

Any questions of interpretation regarding this policy shall be referred to the Associate Dean for Health and Wellness. They will be the final authority regarding the interpretation of this policy.  

This policy shall be reviewed every three years, however minor changes and updates can be made at any time.   

Wentworth will typically apply the policy in place at the time it receives a report concerning the respected policy.  

Additionally, in instances where two or more policies are implicated, a case-by-case determination will be made to determine what policy will be used.  

Review and Revision History:  

This policy was drafted by representatives from Student Affairs and Human Resources. It was reviewed by Cabinet approved by the President on 07/26/2023.   

This policy replaces the July 1, 2018 Alcohol Policy and the Alcohol and Controlled Substances Act Policy.