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At Wentworth, advising is a student-centric, campus-wide collaborative effort to support the academic, professional, and personal development of each student, empowering students to make the most of their educational experience. Advisors support students as they explore their interests, talents, values, and priorities. They facilitate the connection between a student's academic experience and future life plans. Students are assisted through this process by their Advisors, a team comprised of faculty and professional staff. 

Student Success Advisors

In the first year at Wentworth, students will be assigned a Student Success Advisor (SSA) based on the program of study. SSAs will work with students on their academic plan to ensure completion of graduation requirements, as well as goals and success strategies. Additionally, they help connect students to other important resources and opportunities, helping students maximize their full potential and excel academically. Students will be introduced to their SSA during Wentworth Opening Week (WOW) or within the first few days of classes. Student Success Advisors can be viewed on EAB Navigate. First year students are required to meet with their SSA prior to registration to discuss curricular decisions and obtain a Registration Access Code (RAC).

Primary Faculty Advisors

In the second year, students will be assigned a primary advisor who is a faculty member within the program of study. This advisor will counsel students on curricular matters, monitor student academic progress, review academic policies and procedures, when necessary, review student course selections prior to registration, and answer questions regarding student career and educational objectives. Second year students are required to meet with their primary faculty advisor prior to registration to discuss curricular decisions and obtain a Registration Access Code (RAC).

If you have any additional questions, please email

Contacts & Advisors by Program

Advising: Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the advising system work at Wentworth?

    • First Year Advisor / Faculty Advisor (“Primary Advisor”): Upon beginning the Wentworth experience, all students are assigned a First Year Advisor, a role filled by a faculty or staff member at Wentworth. The First Year Advisor helps students navigate their first year at Wentworth. Typically, the primary role they serve is assisting students with general course planning and registration needs. First Year Advisors provide students with required RAC Codes for registration. As students transition from being first year students to becoming upper-level students, their “Primary Advisor” also transitions from their First-Year Advisor to a Faculty/Major Advisor, a role filled by a faculty member within their program. Faculty/Major Advisors typically assist students with technical inquiries specific to the major, course content, industry, and career paths. 
    • Student Success Advisor: While First Year Advisors and Faculty Advisors fill the role of “Primary Advisors,” throughout the entire Wentworth experience, students are also assigned to a Student Success Advisor through the Center for Academic Excellence. Student Success Advisors are dedicated to helping Wentworth students have successful educational experiences. They help students navigate the overall college experience. In addition to general navigation assistance, Student Success Advisors are especially helpful with creating customized curriculum plans for students that are not aligned with the traditional curriculum track. They assist with registration, create customized success plans, help students build upon their skills, and much more.
    • CO-OPS + CAREER Advisor: CO-OPS + CAREER Advisors are assigned to students based on major. They help Wentworth students navigate the co-op experience, including eligibility, timeline, preparation, application, registration, etc.
  • Who is my advisor?

    • Primary Advisor: Your Primary Advisor can be found on LeopardWeb, on the Student Information page. If not listed, please email You can also view your Primary Advisor in EAB Navigate, listed under “Your Success Team.”
    • Student Success Advisor: Student Success Advisors are assigned based on program. You can view your Student Success Advisor in EAB Navigate, listed under “Your Success Team.”
    • CO-OPS + CAREER Advisor: CO-OPS + CAREER Advisors are assigned based on major. You can find your CO-OPS + CAREER Advisor here.
  • How do I contact my advisor?

    Your advisor(s) should reach out to you explaining the best ways to be in contact with them. However, if you are unsure, you can use the Wentworth directory to find their office location and contact information.

  • When should I be in contact with my advisor?

    The most common time for students to meet with their advisor(s) is within the two weeks prior to registration each term. However, you can request to meet regarding any questions and/or concerns you may have at any time.

  • Can I change advisors? If so, how?

    It is possible to change advisors. This is at the discretion of school Deans for Faculty/Major Advisors and/or the Associate Dean of Academic Advising and Student Success for First Year Advisors. Please contact to them to discuss if needed. 

  • How do I find my RAC Code (Registration Access Code / Alternate PIN)?

    Your Primary Advisor has access to your RAC Code. It is highly recommended that students set up a meeting with them to discuss plans for the upcoming term as early as possible.

  • What happens if I fail a class?

    An “F” or failing grade results in “0” credit for that class and will not satisfy the course requirement for your program. For degree students, an “F” will be calculated into the GPA, both term and cumulative. When the course is reattempted, the new passing grade earned will replace the “F” on the transcript and as a result, increase the Cumulative GPA. It is recommended that students consult their Student Success Advisor to create a revised curriculum plan that factors in necessary course reattempts.

  • What are my options for Humanities & Social Sciences Electives (HSS / HuSS)?

    When considering your HSS Elective options, be sure to plan for all Directed Elective requirements for your major. If you are ever unsure, it is highly recommended you consult with your advisor. The following subjects are categorized as Humanities & Social Sciences:



    • History (HIST)
    • Humanities (HUMN)
    • Humanities & Social Science (HSSI)
    • Literature (LITR)
    • Philosophy (PHIL)


    Social Sciences: 

    • Communication (COMM)
    • Economics (ECON)
    • Humanities & Social Science (HSSI)
    • Political Science (POLS)
    • Psychology (PSYC)
    • Sociology (SOCL)
  • What electives should I take?

    Elective options vary by type and major. You should reference the portion of the Academic Catalog dedicated to your major for more information on elective requirements that apply to you. Consult with your advisor(s) to ensure you are appropriately aligning your electives with degree requirements. Additionally, you can find more information on electives being offered during the upcoming semester here.

  • Questions about course registration?

    • The Registrar's Office offers a variety of resources to assist students with the registration process. They can be found here. If you cannot find the answer to your inquiry and/or need additional assistance, please consult with your advisor(s). 
    • The most recent Registration 101 session hosted by the CAE Student Success Advisors can be viewed here
  • I am thinking about changing my major. Is there someone I can talk to about that major before I make the change?

    Associate Dean of Architecture: Mark Mulligan (

    Associate Dean of Design: Kelly Hutzell (

    Associate Dean of Computing and Data Science: Raymond Hansen (

    Interim Associate Dean of Engineering: Anuja Kamat (

    Associate Dean of Sciences & Humanities: Susannah Gal (