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All academic programs at Wentworth require taking some elective courses. In many cases these electives fall into a specific category of classes, while others do not draw from a specified group, and are usually selected with the help of an academic advisor or someone in the academic department office.

Courses that meet a specific elective requirement are labeled as such in the Course Section Search function on Leopardweb. This information is listed under Attribute, and appears with the day, time and CRN information when looking at all of the individual sections for a given course. A description of each course can be found in the course catalog.

After you register, check your degree audit to make sure your elective requirements are being fulfilled. 

Every academic program requires taking electives from at least one of these categories:

General Electives - courses selected with the assistance of your academic advisor that are not specifically required for your major. Please see the academic catalog entry to see which courses are ineligible for use as a general elective.

Humanities and Social Sciences Electives - three- and four-credit electives are offered in humanities (courses with prefixes HIST, HUMN, LITR, PHIL) and social sciences (courses with prefixes ECON, POLS, PSYC and SOCL). Three-credit electives are typically numbered in the 100s, while four-credit electives are typically numbered in the 400s.

Some communications courses (prefixed COMM) count as electives. COMM290 and 330 count as three-credit electives, while COMM580 and 610 count as four-credit social science electives.

You can use the Course Section Search function on Leopardweb to find what electives are being offered each semester. In addition to searching on subject, you can also search by attribute, which will allow you to see all electives that meet a particular requirement.

Please reference the academic catalog and your degree audit to make sure that you are taking the appropriate mix of humanities and social science courses.

Engineering Electives - some engineering majors include an elective requirement where students can choose from classes that include an appropriate level of engineering content. Courses typically accepted for this requirement are tagged on the Course Section Search function of Leopardweb.

Lab Science Electives - are 4 credit lab courses with prefixes BIOL, CHEM, ENVM, PHYS. Some majors have specific restrictions for these electives, please check your degree audit to see what is required for your major.

Tracked Science Electives - Computer Science students must take two "tracked" science electives, where the second course in the track builds upon the content of the first course. Current approved tracked electives include: PHYS310 and 320, Engineering Physics I and II; PHYS310 and PHYS411, Engineering Physics I and Modern Physics; BIOL 110 and 120, General Biology I and II; BIOL130 and BIOL280, Cell and Molecular Biology and Anatomy and Physiology I; BIOL280 and 290, Anatomy and Physiology I and II; CHEM380 and CHEM390, Engineering Chemistry I and II.

Major Electives - some majors require students to take electives from a specific group of courses, which are either in the major or in a closely related discipline. These courses can be found using the Course Section Search's search by attribute function. They are labeled as listed under the given major's curriculum.

Technical Electives - these electives allow students to take courses of a technical nature that can draw from a wider group of courses than the major electives. Students typically choose technical electives with the assistance of their academic advisor and/or academic departments to ensure that the course meets the academic goals of the student and is an acceptable elective course.