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Parking Registration & Fees

Wentworth Institute of Technology considers parking as a privilege, which may be revoked temporarily or permanently, for justifiable reasons by the Wentworth Police Department. Parking Permits are only available to students, faculty and staff of Wentworth Institute of Technology. WIT parking permits shall not be replicated, lent, sold or transferred to another party. Should a vehicle change occur, the parking office must be advised immediately.

Wentworth Institute of Technology assumes NO liability for lost or stolen property or damage to any vehicle while it is parked on campus in one of our facilities. The University does not assume responsibility or liability for any lost property or damage associated with a vehicle being towed. Hours, rules, and regulations are subject to change without prior notice. A parking permit must always be displayed.

Parking permits are issued by Wentworth Police Parking & ID Office located in Beatty Hall Room 014. You can contact the office via email

Purchase a Parking Pass (Wentworth Login required)

Institute Parking Policy

Residential Student Parking Facilities:

Renaissance Parking Garage, located at 835 Columbus Ave, is the primary parking facility for students that park overnight with 24 hours of operation, 7 days a week. The garage is owned and operated by Northeastern University and MasParc.

Commuter Student Lots:

The Halleck Street Lot is reserved for Commuter students ONLY, and the Mindoro Lot is an overflow for Commuter students. The Annex Lot remains available for Commuter students.

The West Village Garage, located at 30 Leon St, is the primary parking facility for 1st year and 2nd year commuter students. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 5:00 AM – 11:00 PM. The garage is owned and operated by Northeastern University and MasParc.

Faculty & Staff Lots:

North, East, and West Lots have changed to Faculty and Staff ONLY lots. The Annex Lot remains available for Commuters, Faculty, and Staff.

Parking Map:

Parking lots marked in yellow on the map below are Wentworth Lots.

Faculty/Staff Parking Permits*

Effective 1/1/2024:

  • Full Time Day Employee (Faculty and Staff - 26 pay periods) $70.00 bi-weekly payroll deduction.
  • Full Time Day Employee (18 pay periods - FACULTY ONLY) $101 bi-weekly payroll deduction.
  • Adjunct Faculty/Hybrid Staff ** - $42.00 bi-weekly payroll deduction.
  • Daily Pass - $14.00 per day

**To be considered for the Hybrid Permit, you must work on campus three days or less per week.

Student Parking

All students (including part-time, evening & weekend, commuter, and residents), faculty and staff who intend to park a motor vehicle on campus must properly register their vehicle and display the appropriate permit. For the purpose of these regulations, the "campus" is defined as all property, which is under the control of Wentworth Institute of Technology.

Student parking permits are effective from the purchase date to the end of the academic school semester. Faculty/staff permits are effective from the application date to the end of the calendar. A parking permit does not guarantee a parking space.

Additional Parking Options

  • Overnight Parking Permits

    The fee for an overnight permit is $500.00 per academic semester. The  Renaissance Parking Garage has been assigned as the overnight parking lot. Due to the limited amount of parking on campus, first and second-year students are not allowed to purchase an overnight parking permit to park on campus.

    Overnight parking permits are sold only to residential upperclass students or residential underclass students who are on co-op.


  • Commuter Parking Permits

    The fee for a commuter permit is $250.00 per academic semester; the permit is valid from the hours of 7:00 am to 10:00 pm daily. The Halleck Street Lot is reserved for Commuters, and the Mindoro Lot is an overflow for Commuters. The Annex Lot remains available for Commuters.


    1st and 2nd-year commuter students will park at the West Village Garage due to construction and loss of additional parking spaces on campus.

    To obtain a Commuter parking permit, students must be enrolled in full-time studies at Wentworth or be on co-op.

  • Evening & Weekend Parking Permit

    The fee for the student Evening & Weekend parking permit is $100.00 per academic semester and is valid from 3:00pm to 10:00pm during the week and from 7:00am to 10:00pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Parking is available in the West Lot, Annex Lot, North Lot, and Halleck St Lot.

  • Contractor Parking Permit

    All contractors wishing to park on campus must purchase and display a valid parking permit - The fee is $1,824.00 per year or $14.00 per day. Contractor Permits can be obtained at Wentworth Police Parking & ID Office, who will assign your parking area at the time of purchase.

  • Daily & Temporary Parking Permits

    The fee for a daily temporary permit is $14.00 per day and can be purchased at the Wentworth Police Department. You must have a valid WIT ID to purchase a permit.

  • Motorcycle/Moped Parking

    Parking is available at motorcycle racks in areas marked “Motorcycle Parking Only” in the West Parking Lot. Parking motorcycles in spaces designated for automobiles is prohibited. The Wentworth Police Department must be notified if the motorcycle will remain in the parking lot after hours.  All Motorcycles must be registered with Wentworth Police and must always display a Motorcycle permit. Permits are available for $20.00 per semester through MyParking.

  • Policy Regarding Campus Events Requiring Special Parking

    Individuals and/or groups scheduling an event on campus which will attract visitors, especially those utilizing buses, vans and private automobiles must notify the Wentworth Police Parking Office well in advance in order to secure their assistance and a plan for providing proper and safe parking.

    The Wentworth Police Department will supply the individuals and/or groups with a map of the campus indicating special instructions regarding parking in designated areas. Organizers of large events must work with Wentworth Police to arrange for traffic control, police/security details, loading and unloading of passengers, and parking away from heavily used areas of campus.

Operation of Motor Vehicles

  • Campus Speed Limit

    The speed limit on campus is 10 miles per hour, except where a higher speed limit is posted. Police vehicles (marked or unmarked), bike and foot patrol officers enforce speed limits.

  • Traffic Hazards

    Vehicles are not to be operated in any manner so as to constitute vehicular/pedestrian traffic hazards or to impede the flow of vehicular or pedestrian traffic. Everyone is required to follow and obey all traffic signs on campus.

  • Right-of-Way

    Motorists are to yield the right-of-way to all pedestrians. This especially applies to pedestrians in crosswalks.

  • Visitor Parking

    All visitors to the campus must register with the lot attendant at the entrance to the West Lot. Visitors will then be directed accordingly.

    NOTE: If the guard booth is unattended, please press the “Call” button on the yellow box affixed to the booth to be connected with Public Safety for assistance.

On-Campus Motor Vehicle Accidents

All accidents involving a vehicle should be reported to the Department of Public Safety. If the accident involves University Property, the accident must be reported to the Department of Public Safety. The vehicles should not to be moved until the investigating officer instructs the driver to do so.

Download the Registry of Motor Vehicle Accident Report

Obtaining Copies of Accident Reports

A copy of the accident report will be furnished to all involved parties free of charge. A copy of the report may be requested through Wentworth's General Counsel. This will only apply to vehicles that have been in an accident in any parking facilities on the Wentworth campus. For accidents occurring off-campus, you must report the incident to the Boston Police Department by dialing 911.