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Join the Data Revolution

Our global society produces an unprecedented amount of data. The tools to analyze and learn from these data are also developing at an accelerated rate. Companies and researchers in a diverse range of fields, including biomedical sciences, financial services and marketing, are seeking experts who can make the most of this data revolution. Our Master of Science in Data Science will prepare you for a career in data science. Earn top dollar and advance your career in one of the fastest growing fields in today’s competitive job market.

Learn by Doing

Hands-on, project-based learning opportunities will give you the skills and knowledge you need to derive data-driven insights. Develop computational programming abilities to represent and explore data. Master the use of statistical data analysis techniques and quantitative modeling and get hands-on experience applying data munging/management principles to extract, load, process and transform real-world data. Plus, understand the ethical consequences of data-informed decision-making and how to communicate data findings effectively.

Top off your experience with a capstone project, integrating what you’ve learned and the skills you’ve developed to solve real-world challenges.

Flexible and Convenient

The Master of Science in Data Science is offered 100% online and draws on several disciplines to provide a well-rounded, flexible education that can be completed in just 1 year. Electives from a cross-section of disciplines and schools will be offered including Applied Mathematics, Computer Science & Networking, Humanities & Social Sciences, Management and Sciences.

A bachelor’s degree in a STEM field is required for admission to the Master of Science in Data Science. For those holding a bachelor’s degree in a non-STEM field, visit our Master of Science in Business Analytics.

Data Science in the World

  • 2X growth in monthly employer demand for all master’s-level data science professionals, 2017-2020
  • 21-28% projected employment growth in top occupations related to the Master of Science in Data Science

Top Job Titles

Software Engineers

Data Scientists

Research Analyst

Data Engineers

Product Managers

A Resume that Speaks for Itself

Data Science


Big Data


Machine Learning