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Business Analytics (Master of Science)

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Full Time / Online


Now, more than ever, organizations need skilled professionals who can make the most of data to form and implement data-driven solutions to real-world challenges. Our Master of Science in Business Analytics will prepare you to apply quantitative skills to help top companies think and act strategically . Earn a competitive salary and advance your career in one of the fastest-growing fields in today’s job market.

Learn by Doing

Hands-on, project-based learning opportunities will give you the skills and knowledge you need to derive data-driven insights. Learn how to prepare data-informed solutions to business-related challenges and implement actionable business strategies based on quantitative modeling. Master the use of data munging/management principles to extract, load, process, and trans-form real-world data. And understand the ethical consequences of data-informed decision-making and how to communicate data findings effectively.

Top off your experience with a capstone project, integrating what you’ve learned and the skills you’ve developed to solve real-world challenges.

Flexible and Convenient

The Master of Science in Business Analytics is offered 100% online. Learn where it is convenient for you, and complete your degree in less than 1 year, full-time.

In addition, the program will draw on several disciplines to provide a well-rounded, flexible

experience. Electives from a cross-section of disciplines and schools will be offered including Applied Mathematics, Computer Science & Networking, Humanities & Social Sciences, Management, and Sciences.

A bachelor’s degree is required for admission to the Master of Science in Business Analytics. For those holding a bachelor’s degree in a STEM field who are interested in applying their computer science skills for predictive statistical analysis, please visit our Master of Science in Data Science

Business Analytics in the World

  • 2X growth in monthly employer demand for all master’s-level professionals, 2017-2020
  • 21-28% projected employment growth in top occupations related to Data Science and Business Analytics

Top Job Titles for master’s-level Data Science and Analytics Professionals

Software Engineers

Data Scientists

Research Analyst

Data Engineers

Product Managers

Top Skills in Demand:

Data Science

Python (Programming Language)

Big Data

SQL (Programming Language)

Machine Learning

Top Employers

Oracle Corporation

Wayfair Inc.

Deloitte LLP

CVS Health Corporation

Aetna Inc.

The Mathworks Inc