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In today’s competitive job market, our Applied Mathematics graduates stand apart. Our courses are designed to develop students’ mastery of not only the mathematical principles, but also their practical applications across a range of disciplines, including design, technology, and engineering. Our students graduate with a versatile degree that will set them up for success across any number of industries.  

Full Time / On Campus

The undergraduate Applied Mathematics degree links math with the worlds of science, technology, engineering, and social science. Through hands-on learning in the Applied Mathematics program, students will learn to integrate analytical and computational tools in the modeling of physical, biological, and economic processes, while developing problem-solving skills that apply across disciplines. 

Our graduates can choose from a wide range of careers, including data science, biostatistics, software development, finance, cryptography, quality assurance, systems engineering, and operations research. Wentworth’s Applied Mathematics degree is a three-year program with a four-year option. 

Why Major in Applied Mathematics?

Wentworth students are ready to get their hands dirty from day one working with the latest industry tools and technology, and our applied math students are no different. They develop mathematical solutions for today’s most pressing problems.

With flexible coursework that can be completed in either three or four years, this degree is perfect for students that are looking to either graduate early and enter the workforce, or earn additional academic concentrations, such as financial mathematics, data science, or computer science. 

Collaborate on Interdisciplinary Research Projects 

Our applied math majors use their mathematical expertise to develop the foundations for projects and research across the university. Working in collaboration with other students and faculty, they create innovative solutions to questions throughout fields like engineering, design, and technology.

Make Lasting Professional Connections

Located near the heart of Boston, our students work closely with Wentworth’s industry partners. Come graduation, they’ve not only earned their degree, but they’ve also forged lasting professional connections.

portrait of a woman
My experience in the Applied Math program at Wentworth equipped me with the skillset and network to undertake graduate school, become a senior technologist at a Fortune 500 company, and start a nonprofit called The WIT Project, supporting women of color break into tech. I am so grateful for my WIT family!
Shylee Ezroni
Applied Math alumna