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The Boston Pipeline

Access to College & Pathways to Success for Local Youth

Wentworth, through the Center for Community and Learning Partnerships (CLP), is committed to increasing college completion for local youth, by growing a new cohort of youth interested in design, engineering, computer science, and management; helping students persist in college; and supporting them through graduation from college. To help them achieve these important goals, we offer several programs as part of our influential Boston Pipeline Initiative that local youth can participate in:

Dual Credit

Dual Credit, Wentworth's Dual Enrollment model, allows juniors and seniors from partners Boston high schools to earn college credit while simultaneously earning credit toward a high school diploma. This program is aimed at students who have an interest in Wentworth and/or the STEM fields.

Dual Enrollment students learn in a classroom.

BEACON Pathways

Beacon Pathways, Wentworth's Early College Pathways Program, is a collaboration between Boston Public Schools (BPS) and Wentworth that aims to increase the attendance, retention, and graduation rates of urban youth from Boston who are pursuing degrees that reflect the local economy with pathways in Computer Science, Engineering, and Entrepreneurship.

Students building circuits in a lab.

RAMP: Summer Bridge

RAMP is designed to help Boston first-time students navigate the transition from high school to college, providing them with project-based, hands-on learning, individualized case management, and a diverse network of support.

RAMP students building a small engine.


High School student from Greater Boston? Interested in learning about Architecture, Construction, Engineering, and Fabrication and applying your newfound skills to build something for your community? Apply to SummerFab!

Students learning about fabrication in SummerFab.

Skilled Trades

Through the Center for Skilled Trades, Wentworth builds education-to-career opportunities for local learners that are driven by the needs of the workforce. Through our 20-month program, the Center provides an expansion of credit-bearing credentials for students interested in a Wentworth education while also acquiring the necessary on-the-job experience to be successful in key industries.

RAMP students visiting a construction site.

Partnering with Wentworth's Boston Pipeline

Interested in partnering with Wentworth's Boston Pipeline to positively impact the lives of local youth? Click below for contact information.

Success Boston & Wentworth

Wentworth, in partnership with nearly 50 local nonprofits, youth-serving organizations, colleges, universities, and the City of Boston, aims to increase the college completion rate of Boston Public School graduates through intentional interventions, like coaching, Early College, bridge programs, mentorship, and scholarships, to name a few. In 2020, Wentworth became a Top 5 enrolling institution for first-year, first-time Boston Public Schools' Graduates, representing a 65% improvement the last 4 enrollment years.

RAMP student building a small engine.

Our Boston Pipeline Supporters

Thank you to everyone who has provided the Pipeline with human capital, our students with social capital, and the Institution with financial capital to help Boston youth attend, retain, and graduate from Wentworth. 

  • Corporate Support

    • Acquia
    • AIR Worldwide/Verisk > Supporting RAMP
    • BOND Brothers > Supporting scholarships for Boston youth and proven programmatic practices through the Boston Pipeline
    • Eversource
    • Janey Construction
    • Leggat McCall Properties > Supporting SummerFab for Charlestown youth
    • Shimadzu Scientific Instruments > Supporting RAMP
    • Teradyne > Supporting Beacon Pathways and RAMP
    • Turner Construction Company
  • Foundation Support

    • Alice Willard Dorr Foundation
    • Boston Scientific Foundation
    • Cummings Foundation > Through the foundation's 100K for 100, Cummings supports our first-year students from Boston.
    • Edwin S. Webster Foundation
    • Liberty Mutual Foundation > Funding to support Beacon Pathways
    • Lloyd G. Balfour Foundation > Through the Bank of America Charitable Foundation, four separate grants over 8 years supporting various levels of growth for our Boston Pipeline.
    • Schrafft Charitable Trust
  • State and Federal Support

    • Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
    • National Science Foundation