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What is RAMP?

RAMP is a paid 7-week summer bridge program, sponsored by the Division of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, for incoming WIT students from the Greater Boston area.

What is RAMP?
Students next to a poster presentation

Get Paid

RAMP pays students $16/hour for 7 weeks- a total of over $3000! Additionally, we provide free T-passes for the duration of the program.

RAMP students participating in an activity

Build a Community

RAMP provides students the opportunity to make lasting relationships before the semester even starts. Participants are also supported by program mentors (who are former RAMP students themeslves) and program staff.

Two students working on a project

Solve Real Problems for Real Clients

RAMP engages students with real-world, community-based clients. Students will work with local organizations to help identify innovative solutions to complex issues through problem definition, design, and prototyping.

students building a machine

Hands-On Experience

Instrumental to a Wentworth education, students gain hands-on experience in design, engineering, leadership, and communication through working on project teams to build a working prototype.  

RAMP students at a construction site

Career Exploration + Mentorship

RAMP connects participating students with strategic industry and community-based partners.  Students visit or are visited by companies and see how professional teams collaborate in the field, in addition to being paired with an industry mentor.

Students at desks in classroom

Boost Your Skills

Take a math booster during the program that will set you up for success in your coursework!

RAMP: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Prospective Students

Can't find an answer you are looking for below? Reach out to us at; we'd love to have a conversation!

  • Who is eligible for RAMP?

    Students enrolling at Wentworth for the first time this fall 2024 from the Greater Boston area are eligible for RAMP. Any major it welcome. 

    Students must be able to commit to commuting to campus for the entirety of the program. We will provide priority to students who are:

    • First-Generation College Students: your parent(s)/guardian(s) have not completed a bachelor's degree in the United States
    • Residents of Boston
    • From low-income families
  • When does RAMP start and end this year?

    RAMP will Monday, June 24th through Wednesday, August 14th with a break between July 1- July 5. The hours are 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

  • Do I have to attend the full 7 weeks?

    Yes, participants are expected to participate in the full 7-week program.

  • What does the typical schedule look like?

    RAMP runs Monday-Friday from 9am-3pm. 

    Monday through Thursday, students participate in:

    • Team building
    • Leadership & communication skill development
    • Build & design workshops
    • Team based-project time
    • Visits to industry partners
    • Meetings with campus offices that can support you

    On Fridays, the project teams present their progress for that week and meet to plan out the following week.

  • Can I work another job/intership while I'm in this program?

    We do not recommend working another job or internship while you're participating in RAMP. RAMP is already a summer job- we pay you $16/hour! Our program is rigorous and we want to make sure you get the most out of it that you can.

  • Is RAMP a residential program?

    No. Participants in RAMP are not offered housing for the summer. Since so many of our students from the Boston area commute, this is a great opportunity to practice your commute to Wentworth if you plan on staying at home. We will also provide students with a monthly T-pass for June, July, and August.

  • Does RAMP cost anything to qualified students?

    No. Actually, one of the benefits of RAMP has been the ability of the program to PAY participating students for their time. This year's RAMP will pay participating students $16 per hour, one dollar above Massachusetts minimum wage for 2024. The payment is considered an educational stipend.

  • Will I earn college credit for participating in RAMP?

    At this time, RAMP is not a credit-bearing opportunity.

  • What support will Wentworth provide participating students during and after RAMP?

    The staff at the CLP are committed to your success. CLP’s College Access and Success Team will be checking in with you regularly through individual meetings, events, and opportunities to build your personal and professional network. Additionally, CLP welcomes you to visit our office to take advantage of our lab space to study, complete homework, eat lunch, or even take the occasional nap between classes.

"RAMP impacted my entire freshman experience. I’ve met some of my closest friends and supports through the program."

Lego Science Lab

Register for RAMP

Space is limited! RAMP 2024 registration is now open for all Greater Boston residents enrolling at Wentworth as first-time college students. 

RAMP students posing for a picture
Participating Boston Youth
RAMP Students Persist
Say RAMP Made Them College Ready

RAMP Key Dates

  1. Jun 02

    Last Day to Register for RAMP

  2. Jun 12

    RAMP Orientation

  3. Jun 24

    First Day of RAMP

  4. Aug 14

    Last Day of RAMP

Meet our Team

Lillie Acoff


Lillie Acoff (She/Her/Hers)
Position title
College Success Coordinator, Center for Community & Learning Partnerships

As a Black queer individual, I leverage my intersectional identity to provide tailored guidance and resources to marginalized students, advocating for their needs and amplifying their voices within the institution in my role as a College Success Coordinator.

Christina Arecy


Christina Arecy (She/Her/Hers)
Position title
Assistant Director, Diversity, Engagement and Belonging, Diversity & Social Justice Programs

Christina Arecy is a first-generation Haitian American professional, aspiring entrepreneur, an alum of Boston Public Schools, and an AmeriCorps Member Alumni. She has her Master’s in Leadership from Northeastern University. Christina is passionate and a big advocate for education, youth development, mental health, social justice, and equity. A major passion is embracing her Haitian roots through food, (cooking, baking, ice-cream making) or learning and exploring different parts of Afro-Caribbean places and history.

Mayelin Burgos


Mayelin Burgos (She/Her/Hers)
Position title
Assistant Director of College Access and Success

Mayelin Burgos is the Assistant Director, College Success at the Center for Community & Learning Partnership at Wentworth. She is a Dominicana that moved to the United States, specifically, Lynn, MA when she was about eleven years old. She graduated from KIPP Academy Lynn Collegiate High School and then attended Bates College where she pursued a Sociology major and Spanish minor. Mayelin credits the support of advisors and mentors at the high school and college level for her success in navigating the education system in the U.S. as a first-generation college student and as an immigrant woman of color. Since graduating from her alma mater, she has made it her mission to work with students who come from a similar background as her to bring them access to and success in higher education. Although, Mayelin does not live in the city, she encourages you to visit the Isabella Gardner Museum's courtyard - the museum is around the corner from Wentworth's campus offering free admissions to Wentworth's students, faculty, and staff and an opportunity to enjoy a year-round serene and aesthetically pleasing environment.

Erik Miller


Erik Miller (He/Him/His)
Position title
Assistant Vice President of Community Engagement & Educational Access

Erik Miller has nearly 20 years of experience collaborating with Boston nonprofits, youth-serving organizations, local government, and community voices to help solve complex urban problems.

Erik joined Wentworth Institute of Technology in 2012 after starting his career as an architect. As the Assistant Vice President of Community Engagement & Educational Access through the Division of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Erik uses his design education to provide strategic direction, intentional partnerships, and proven programming to positively transform Boston’s education and built environment. Erik is the founder of Wentworth’s Boston Pipeline, which incorporates early college, bridge programs, workforce development, and individualized case management to support Boston residents and their drive to access, stay in, and graduate from post-secondary education. Erik, with the support of an amazing team and long-term partnerships, has grown Wentworth’s Boston Pipeline from 30 students in 2012-2013 to nearly 500 students in 2023-2024. 

Erik earned his Bachelor and Master of Architecture from Wentworth Institute of Technology. 

As a current Chair of the Huntington Avenue YMCA Board of Advisors and Strategic Planning Committee member for Success Boston, Erik has extensive experience leading boards including the ACE Mentor Program of Greater Boston and the Community Design Resource Center (CDRC) of Boston.

Kathleen Portillo


Kathleen Portillo (She/Her/Hers)
Position title
Director, Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives & Engagement

Kathleen Portillo was born and raised in Somerville, MA to Salvadoran immigrant parents. Her Latine identity was shaped by the lasting and powerful impact of the Salvadoran diaspora. Kathleen earned the Posse Scholarship to attend Union College in Schenectady, NY. There, she cultivated her passion for thinking critically about education access given her experiences as a first-generation student at a predominantly white institution. Following Union, Kathleen decided she was not done with academia just yet and enrolled into a master’s degree in education policy & social analysis from Columbia University’s Teachers College while navigating the charter school landscape in New York City. While enrolled, Kathleen worked at Harlem Village Academies High School as an Operations Manager demonstrating accomplishments in project management, implementation, and systems analysis. In 2018, Kathleen realized it was time to return home and learn to rediscover the city that had contributed to the nurturing of her raices (roots), but also to engage in direct student support. Since then, she has taken her passion for educational equity to the college access space through her role at Bottom Line, a college access and success non-profit dedicated to supporting first generation, high school seniors from low-income backgrounds as they navigate the college application and financial aid processes. Currently, she is working as Director of Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives and Engagement at Wentworth Institute of Technology. Kathleen looks forward to continued growth and collaborative thought partnership for the advocacy of racial equity and justice in higher education and beyond.

Tom Schaefer


Tom Schaefer
Position title
Program Consultant

Tom Schaefer has supported the RAMP program for 10 years, serving students in project-based learning, instructing team-building, leadership, communication, and critical thinking skills. He works as Associate Professor of Language & Literature at Cape Cod Community College where he now lives, but returns to Boston each summer for his two favorite places: the RAMP Program at WIT and Fenway Park.

Kate Stutz


Kate Stutz (She/Her/Hers)
Position title
Director of College Access and Success

Kate is the Director of College Access and Success in the Center for Community and Learning Partnerships. Kate grew up in the suburbs of New York City and witnessed how socioeconomic background can impact educational and career opportunities. Her passion for educational access and opportunity led her to get her PhD in African American Literature. Her favorite place in Boston is the Boston Public Library!

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