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A National Model for Retention and Graduation of Local Youth

Wentworth, through the Center for Community and Learning Partnerships (CLP), addresses retention and graduation rates by offering RAMP, our six-week, summer bridge program, to Boston residents who will be attending the Institute as first-year students in the fall.  

To provide a success-framework for Boston students, RAMP enables students to familiarize themselves with college coursework, form a cohort of classmates from similar backgrounds, and immerse themselves in campus life earlier. 

Students participating in a design thinking workshop.

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RAMP offers all participating students $14.50/hour, helping them to prioritize academics while still balancing financial needs. 

During the summer of 2020, 60 students worked in collaborative teams representing many different majors, to design, engineer, and build prototypes that address specific social problems in Boston. The team also included staff, faculty, and past RAMP participants, focusing on not only guiding students through the problem-solving process, but also providing academic advising, mentoring, and direct instruction in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, composition, and research methods. Through real-world clients and problems, these hands-on projects expose students to an unmatched educational experience, better preparing them for a STEM career. 

RAMP: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Prospective Students

Cannot find an answer you are looking for below? Reach out to Becky Drossman, who leads our College Access & Success Team!