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LeopardWeb Proxy Access

What is LeopardWeb Proxy Access?

  • Enables you to authorize another person (referred to as a proxy) such as a parent or guardian to view your student information. Individuals that you grant proxy access to will have the ability to view certain LeopardWeb pages e.g. schedule, grades, financial aid, bill, using their own LeopardWeb log-in credentials (PIN). Note: Only individuals with a valid email address can be granted proxy access.
  • Enables you to provide a passphrase to a proxy for them to use when speaking with a Financial Aid or Student Account counselor about your data as contained within our student information system.
  • FERPA access can be granted for information via phone and in person only while Proxy access allows for information access via phone, in person, and via the LeopardWeb.      

Step-by-step instructions to set up a proxy to access information on LeopardWeb 

  1. Log in to LeopardWeb:
  2. Click on the tab in LeopardWeb for Proxy Access and complete FERPA Authorizations as instructed. Once completed the LeopardWeb Proxy Access Management menu will be displayed.
  3. Click on LeopardWeb Proxy Access Management
  4. Add a third-party (proxy) e.g. parent, guardian, spouse/partner
  5. Authorize LeopardWeb pages that may be viewed by a third-party (proxy)
  6. Provide a passphrase for a third-party (proxy) to discuss your student information with a Wentworth representative

How does your Proxy use LeopardWeb Proxy Access?

Once you set up another person as a proxy they can begin to access LeopardWeb information.  

  • The following steps outline the process a proxy has to go through in order to access LeopardWeb. 

    • Your Proxy will receive a “New Proxy Identity” email at the email address you provided notifying them that they have been identified as a proxy for a student.
    • They can use the Temporary PIN (action password) provided to access the proxy access pages in LeopardWeb via the link contained in the email.  Once your proxy logs in they can create a New PIN as well as update their basic user profile information.
    • Watch for an “Updated Access Authorizations” email from a student
    • Watch for a “Send Updated Proxy Passphrase” email from a student. The Passphrase contained in this email is for your use when speaking with a Wentworth representative about data contained in the student information system for the student.
  • How does Proxy Access work?

    • A student who is eligible to create proxies for herself/himself signs into LeopardWeb and clicks on LeopardWeb Proxy Access menu to complete FERPA Authorizations as instructed. Once completed the LeopardWeb Proxy Access Management menu will be displayed.
    • Click on LeopardWeb Proxy Access Management to add a third-party (proxy) e.g. parent, guardian, spouse/partner. Note: A person can only have a single proxy relationship with another person. For example, if you are a parent proxy, you cannot also be a potential employer proxy for the same person. However, a proxy may have multiple relationships, for example, multiple children may establish a proxy with their parents. Proxies are uniquely identified by an e-mail address that is not case sensitive.
    • When the student submits the proxy’s information the new proxy communication is formatted and sent out. The communication sent to the new proxy includes an action URL and an action password.  Note: The action URL is a single-use URL, therefore a potential proxy cannot use it to access the system repeatedly. Subsequent uses of the action URL will redirect to the proxy login page. A proxy or related person who wishes to reset the PIN will receive an e-mail message that must be used to set a new PIN.
    • The student who set up the proxy can change the specific LeopardWeb pages or group of pages they authorize their proxy to access at any time.
    • The proxy receives the new proxy e-mail, accesses the URL, and enters the action password to authenticate.
    • The proxy can select a person tab and view the authorized LeopardWeb pages.
    • The proxy will be connected to LeopardWeb and can now begin to access the page(s) that were authorized for them by the student. On the Proxy Profile page, the proxy can request a pin reset, change their associated e-mail address, as well as update other profile information, but the proxy cannot change the pages that they are eligible to access. Note: The proxy has not been granted access to any LeopardWeb pages that allow updates.
    • At any point the student may alter the proxy relationship, not only modifying the LeopardWeb pages the proxy can access but they can also deactivate the proxy relationship using the start and stop dates.

Viewable LeopardWeb Pages

The following LeopardWeb pages may be assigned by the student to a third-party (proxy). These pages are view only.  Proxies do not have access to update any LeopardWeb pages.

  • Financial Aid

    • Financial Aid Status (Displays documents needed to complete aid file, if any)
    • Important Financial Aid Messages
    • Cost of Attendance (Estimated Cost of Attendance for financial aid awarding purposes)
    • Eligibility (Displays documents needed from the student to complete the financial aid file, if any)
    • Award Information
    • Award Messages (Messages, if any, related to the fund awarded to the student)
    • Award Payment Schedule (Anticipated date awards will post to the student’s account)
    • Award History
    • Loan Application History
  • Personal Menu

    • Addresses and Phone Numbers
    • Email Addresses
  • Registration

    • Student Detail Schedule (Displays course schedule detail for the selected term)
    • Registration Status
    • Active Registration
    • Registration History (Displays active as well as completed registrations)
    • Concise Student Schedule (Display class schedule and detail for the selected term)
  • Student Account

    • Account Summary By Term (Displays account detail including charges, payments, and balance due by Term)
    • Account Summary (Displays the sum total of all the charges and payments on your account)
    • E-bill (Displays the current balance due and official bill for the 3 most recent semesters)
  • Student Records

    • Holds (Displays student or account holds if any)
    • Midterm Grades
    • Final Grades
    • Academic Transcript (Displays an unofficial academic transcript)
    • Student Information (Displays student and curriculum information for the student)
    • Advisor Information (Displays academic advisor information)

Frequently Asked Questions About LeopardWeb Proxy Access By Students Giving Account Access

Frequently Asked Questions by a Proxy (Such as a parent and/or guardian) Who Has Been Granted Account Access

A Note to Students Using Preferred First Names

Please know that LeopardWeb will display the name you have designated as your preferred first name. Your preferred first name will be displayed and visible to anyone that you grant LeopardWeb Proxy Access to.

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