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Discounted MBTA Semester Passes

Wentworth participates in the Semester Pass Program through the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA). All Wentworth students have the option to pre-pay for a 4-month pass to save 15% overall. Students must order in advance through Wentworth to obtain the discounted price. This is intended for students who will take the subway or commuter rail daily. For students using the MBTA less frequently (1-2x/week), it is recommended to load money on to a Charlie Card and pay as you go. You can get a plastic Charlie Card at the Center for Student Life, Beatty Hall, room 026, or at the MBTA Service Desk at Downtown Crossing, Back Bay and South Station.

Payment Options

  • Pay Online Spring passes will be available for guaranteed availability from October 1 - December 10, 2023. 
  • Pay Online between December 11, 2023 and January 10, 2024, the Center for Student Life will have a limited number of MBTA Passes will be available for students to purchase. 

All passes will be available for pick-up at the Center for Student Life, Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 4:30pm, beginning in late December. We do not mail or ship passes, however, if you are unable to collect your pass during the regular office hours, please contact Student Life at to request an after-hours pick up. 


  • When do passes go on sale?

    Passes for the Fall semester go on sale July 1. Passes for the Spring semester go on sale November 1st. There is currently no Summer Semester pass program available.

  • When is payment due?

    Credit card payment is due at the time or purchase. 

    If you would benefit from participating in the MBTA discount program but have concerns about your ability to meet the financial obligations, please contact the Center for Student Life at

  • Is there a discounted pass for the summer semester?

    The MBTA does not offer a discounted pass during the Summer semester.

  • When do I receive the pass I ordered?

    Fall Semester passes are available at the Center for Student Life beginning Monday, August 28, 2023. Spring Semester Passes are available at the Center for Student Life beginning Tuesday, January 2, 2024. Monthly Commuter Rail passes are available seven days prior to the 1st of the month. You will receive an email when passes are available for pickup. You are responsible for claiming your pass at the Center for Student Life office or at the Info Hub desk, both located on the ground floor of Beatty Hall. You must have a valid Wentworth Student ID to collect your pass.

  • Can I have my pass mailed home?

    Due to the recent changes in USPS delivery policy, we no longer offer regular mail service for the MBTA pass program. If you are unable to arrive on campus, your pass can be shipped to you for an additional fee of $25.00. Please contact the Center for Student Life to arrange for payment and shipping, email or call (617) 989-4702. 

    NOTE for Spring passes: Wentworth is closed for Winter break until Tuesday, January 2, 2024. Please note that Spring passes will not be available for pick up or shipping until that time. 

  • How long do the passes last?

    Passes are good for the entire semester: Fall - September 1st through December 31st; Spring - January 1st through April 30th. Charlie cards automatically renew each month on the 1st day of the month and should be retained. Students using the Commuter Rail Pass (Zones 1A-10) will receive a new card each month.

  • Do I need to prepay for the entire semester or may we submit monthly payments?

    Prepayment for the entire semester (4 months) is required to receive the 15% discount. If you can benefit from this program, but are concerned about your ability to pay the full sum, please contact the Center for Student Life at or (617) 989-4702.

  • Do the commuter rail, outer/inner express bus and ferry passes include the subway (T), too?

    Yes, each pass is all-inclusive from your zone all the way into the city without time, day or usage restrictions (unlimited). For example, if you purchase a Zone 3 pass, you will have access to all subway and central bus lines (1-299), inner harbor boats, and the Commuter Rail Zones 1, 2 and 3.

  • What form of payment do you accept?

    We strongly recommend purchasing your pass using debit or credit card through one of the online sales portals. If you are unable to access the credit card payment program, you can pay cash at the Center for Student Life office.

  • I do not know what pass I need. How can I decide?

    Click here to view the Zone Map from the MBTA's website to find out which pass (zone) you will be commuting from. 

  • What if I lose my Semester Pass?

    Link passes are associated with students through a serial number and can be replaced if lost. Replacement passes take up to two weeks to process and students are responsible for commuter costs until the replacement pass arrives. Commuter Rail Passes can no longer be replaced and you will have to cover costs of the commuter rail until the start of the following month. 

  • I live on campus. Do I need a Semester Pass?

    Not necessarily. If you are only planning on using public transportation once or twice each week you are better off picking up a free Charlie Card from the Center for Student Life, located on the ground level of Beatty Hall, or at the Ruggles MBTA Station. You may load money on to this card and pay per ride. Having the Charlie Card ensures that you will receive rides at a discounted rate as it costs more when you pay cash on board. If you do plan on taking using public transportation regularly for an off-campus job (3-4x/week) then you would benefit from purchasing the semester pass. Read more about Charlie Cards.

  • I have a disability. How can I apply for the MBTA’s TAP (Transportation Access Card)?

    You may apply using the application located on the MBTA’s Reduced Fares Website. Please keep in mind that this application takes 4-6 weeks for MBTA approval. Additional information can be found on the application.

    Have a question? Contact the Center for Student Life at or by phone at (617) 989-4702.

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