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Residential Living and Learning Communities (LEAPs)

Our three living and learning communities, or LEAP (Leopards Engaging Among Peers), are offered to incoming first year students that provides opportunities for incoming first year students to engage in special interest housing. The 2021-2022 LEAPs are: Leadership, Wellness, and Honors.  

Students who choose to live within one of these communities will be given the opportunity to participate in a collective group of students who will share the similar experiences throughout their first year at Wentworth. Living in a LEAP will help ease the transition into the college experience. The goal of these communities is to help first year students find a sense of belonging on campus and by growing personally, academically, and professionally.  

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LEAP Mission Statement

The mission of the LEAP program at Wentworth Institute of Technology is to provide transformative experiential learning to residential students. Through living with students of similar interests and goals, residents will have opportunities to grow personally, academically, and professionally. The LEAP program will provide an enriching experience to explore well- being, promote equity, and embrace diversity preparing students for continued success inside and outside of the classroom. 

LEAP Community Descriptions


Step into the leader you’ve always wanted to be in Wentworth Leaders LEAP Living & Learning Community. In the Leadership LEAP students will be working and living together under the same objectives and learning outcomes. The leadership LLC provides an exciting learning experience with a focus on race, equity, and excellence. Through academic excellence, social, and community-based experiences, you will develop the leader within you. This evolution will happen alongside education professionals ready to advance and hone your leadership knowledge, practice, and skills. 


The Wellness LEAP is designed for students interested in a community that promotes a healthy lifestyle. This LEAP will challenge and encourage you to make decisions that best support your own overall health and well-being. Using a holistic approach to well-being, you will explore the six dimensions of wellness: occupational, physical, social, intellectual, emotional, spiritual. Through participating in the Wellness LEAP, you will explore and build a thriving lifestyle. Well-being practices for the community and individual will be explored in close collaboration with the Center for Wellness.  

Honors  Program

The Honors Program LEAP is designed to support students accepted into the Wentworth Honors Program to complement their academic success, build leadership skills, and support career aspirations. Working in tandem with the Provost Office and the Honors Program, students within this LEAP will have opportunities to interact with faculty, participate in the peer fellowship program, and attend an Honors speaker series.