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Residential Living and Learning Communities (LEAPs)

Our four living and learning communities, or LEAPs (Leopards Engaging Among Peers), are offered to incoming first year students that provides opportunities for incoming first year students to engage in special interest housing. The 2023-2024 LEAPs are: Women @ Wentworth, Living Well, STEM and Honors.  

Students who choose to live within one of these communities will be given the opportunity to participate in a collective group of students who will share similar experiences throughout their first year at Wentworth. Living in a LEAP will help ease the transition into the college experience. The goal of these communities is to help first year students find a sense of belonging on campus by growing personally, academically, and professionally.  

Students will indicate their preference when completing their housing agreement. 

If you would like more information on living in a LEAP contact us at

LEAP Mission Statement

The mission of the LEAP program at Wentworth Institute of Technology is to provide transformative experiential learning to residential students. Through living with students of similar interests and goals, residents will have opportunities to grow personally, academically, and professionally. The LEAP program will provide an enriching experience to explore well- being, promote equity, and embrace diversity preparing students for continued success inside and outside of the classroom. 

LEAP Community Descriptions

Women @ Wentworth

The Women @ Wentworth LEAP is designed for women identifying students interested in creating a strong and supportive community while building the competence and confidence to achieve their full potential at Wentworth and beyond. This LEAP will provide students with opportunities to actively participate in a dynamic and supportive environment that will help ease the transition into their first year at WIT through leadership development, access to role models, and a space for experimentation that facilitate academic success. 

*Women@Wentworth LEAP is open to all persons who identify as female, non-binary, or other gender identity or expression.   

Past Programs: 

  • Herstory Lunch Series (learn from women leaders at Wentworth)
  • Dinner in Boston with Associate Provost, Susan Duffy
  • Documentary Viewing and Discussion

Living Well

New to Wentworth for 2023-2024! In the Living Well LEAP, students will participate in enriching programs and events that support their overall health and wellness. Whether you’re an athlete, aspiring yogi, or simply seeking to live a healthy lifestyle, this LEAP will use a holistic approach to well-being by exploring the six dimensions of wellness: occupational, physical, social, intellectual, emotional, spiritual. 

In collaboration with FitWell, the Center for Wellness, and Athletics, you will explore and build a lifestyle that will allow you to thrive through purposefully designed programs and events. 

Program Examples: 

  • Tour of Fenway Park
  • Eating well on campus
  • Yoga and meditation classes
  • Small group fitness assessments


New to Wentworth for 2023-2024! In the STEM LEAP you will get the opportunity to apply your knowledge and interest of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to real world problems. Through partnerships with campus offices and resources you will be able to participate in programs and events that are interactive and hands on. Join our STEM LEAP to learn more about how science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are all interconnected into your daily life.

Program Examples:

  • MIT Museum Trip
  • Interactive and hands-on programs in the Accelerate Lab
  • Egg drop competition

Honors  Program

Have you been invited to participate in the Wentworth Honors Program? If so, this LEAP is for you! The Honors Program LEAP is designed to support students accepted into the Wentworth Honors Program to complement their academic success, build leadership skills, and support career aspirations. Working in tandem with the Provost Office and the Honors Program, students within this LEAP will have opportunities to interact with faculty, participate in the peer fellowship program, and attend an Honors speaker series. 

Past Programs:

  • LinkedIn resume building workshop
  • Lunch with Senior Vice President, Kristin Tichenor, and Assistant Professor, Adam Payne 
  • Visit the Embrace Statue in Boston Common
  • Visit the Boston Public Library