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Social Solidarity & Expectations

Social Solidarity

We are committed to providing our students with the highest quality experience possible and to safeguarding the health and safety of everyone in the Wentworth community and beyond. Social solidarity is our defining and driving value. This means that we are united in the individual and collective actions we take to care for ourselves, each other, and our broader community. Our health, wellness, and safety are interdependent; we must strictly follow and promote adherence to all policies, procedures, guidelines, and measures established by Wentworth and the city, state and federal government to protect our public health. Each of us plays a critical part in our collective success for staying healthy. In short, we believe we must “be well to do well” during this pandemic. 

Student Expectations

Students who knowingly jeopardize the health and safety of their peers, Wentworth’s community, and its neighbors, will lose the privilege of being a Wentworth student. Students who host parties or gatherings (on or off campus) in deliberate violation of city, state, and Wentworth policies will (not might but WILL) be suspended or expelled from the University. Please report any concerns you may have about a peer’s conduct through the COVID-19 Non-Compliance Reporting Form

Commitment to Our Neighboring Communities

The university and its members have an obligation to safeguard the health of our neighboring communities, especially during this public health crisis. Our commitment to social solidarity and the risk mitigation practices we will adhere to on campus, should also be observed while living, visiting, or frequenting businesses in the communities that surround Wentworth. Any complaints forwarded to the university regarding behaviors or gatherings considered disruptive, a risk to public health, and/or a violation of city, state, and federal requirements, orders, mandates, guidelines and/or laws will be reviewed and addressed swiftly. 

Faculty and Staff Expectations

Faculty, staff, contractors, vendors, and visitors returning to Wentworth must comply fully with the policies and procedures, protocols, and guidelines for re-entry set forth by the university. If you observe others not following these policies or procedures, it is important that you appropriately remind them of their responsibility to promote social solidarity and ensure the health and safety of others. Please report any concerns you may have about a member of our community’s conduct through the COVID-19 Non-Compliance Reporting Form