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Rave Alert Emergency Notification System

We encourage the Wentworth Community to sign up for the RAVE Alert emergency notification system. Emergency information on the Wentworth Campus or surrounding areas affecting the Wentworth Community will be disseminated as they occur through this system.

What is RAVE Alert?

RAVE Alert is Wentworth's emergency notification system, used to communicate with the campus community during crisis and emergency situations. This system allows Public Safety to send a text message to your mobile phone, an email to your Wentworth account, and an outdoor mass notification (when appropriate) with important information regarding an emergency situation and steps necessary to take to remain as safe as possible. Some examples of emergency situations requiring the use of RAVE include, but are not limited to, fire, flood, dangerous person, gas leak, or severe weather.

The Institute strongly encourages every faculty, staff, and student to register for RAVE Alert, so you can be notified immediately if a critical situation arises. Your personal information will not be shared in any other manner and will only be used for emergency situations.

Sign up for RAVE Alert or make changes to your settings. Use your Wentworth Network Account to login.