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The Center for Diversity and Global Engagements' mentoring programs focus on students of color, women, and LGBTQIA+ students. These programs provide first-years with both educational and social opportunities to get to know Wentworth and its surrounding communities. The CDGE has partnered with current students to ensure that first-year students receive resources that will help them be successful as they transitioned from high school to college. 

First-year students are paired with a returning students to begin building mutual professional and personal relationships. Students are provided with the necessary tools to successfully navigate Wentworth through educational and social opportunities. Participants will also get the chance to meet faculty and staff that can also help them during their time at Wentworth.

Each mentoring program begins with a day-long program before Wentworth Opening Week (WOW). Residential students move-in early to help accommodate this program. 

 It's important to note that there's no cost associated with any of our mentoring programs. Any social outings will be covered by the CDGE. 

The CDGE recognizes that the COVID-19 pandemic changed the way students participated in student programs throughout the 2020-201 academic year. Because of this, sophomore students will be able to participate in these programs as mentees.

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Designed for first-year students of color entering Wentworth, Bridges provides new students the opportunity to meet and get to know returning students through social activities. Bridges allows mentoring and personal relationship to form through these interactions. 

Bridges student posing together
  • Meet the Mentors

    • Jared Alexander - Electromechanical Engineering

    • Bolaji Ayanbeku - Civil Engineering

    • Nahla Elhallaq - Civil Engineering

    • Khatazja Harrison - Biomedical Engineering

    • Shirley Love - Engineering

    • Kimberly McLean - Mechanical Engineering

    • Mary Lhyn Nguyen - Civil Engineering

    • Djamila Oliveira - Applied Mathematics

    • Paige Poteat - Architecture

    • Moises Rodriguez - Computer Information Systems 

    • Isaiah Simpson - Mechanical Engineering

    • Inderdeep Singh - Computer Engineering

    • Crystal Skeritt - Mechanical Engineering

    • Emily Quach - Architecture


This Women's Council initiative helps build mentoring relationships between returning and first year women students. This student-led initiative begins with a day-long program, which allows students to learn more about campus resources, attend educational sessions, and get to meet women faculty and staff. 

Women@WIT mentoring program students
  • Meet the Mentors

    • Katherine Ashley - Mechanical Engineering

    • Kalie Bourassa - Biological Engineering

    • Jillian Desmond - Computer Science

    • Rida Haider - Computer Science

    • Meagan Haradon - Computer Science

    • Hannah Laak - Architecture

    • Brianna McArdle - Applied Sciences

    • Catherine Scalzi - Architecture 

    • Evelyne Sebagisha - Electrical Engineering

    • Keira Straiton - Biomedical Engineering

Queer Peers

Through a mentoring relationship, this program wants Queer first-year students to begin building a supportive network at Wentworth. Participants will create mentoring relationships with returning students in the hopes to build their Queer identity as a member of the Wentworth community. It allow students to meet other Queer students while learning more about campus resources, attend educational and social activities, and get to know faculty and staff.

students at the Boston Pride parade
  • Meet the Peers

    • Jared Alexander - Electromechanical Engineering

    • Treb Briggs (they/them) - Computer Networking

    • Stone Carmichael - Industrial Design

    • Drew Coutts - Mechanical Engineering

    • Katie Cruz - Biomedical Engineering

    • Arlo Filderman - Computer Networking

    • Brendan Gibbons - Computer Engineering

    • Kaleb Korona - Architecture

    • Han Le - Applied Mathematics

    • Emily Oman - Biomedical Engineering

    • Leah Studer - Architecture

Important Dates

  1. Aug 02

    Registration Closes

    To apply, please click here

  2. Aug 27

    Mentor Arrival

    Residential mentors will move-in early.

  3. Aug 28

    Mentor Training

    Mentors will spend the day getting ready for mentee arrivals.

  4. Aug 29

    Mentee Arrival

    Residential students will be able to move-in early to get ready for programs.

  5. Aug 30


    Program Begins

  6. Aug 31

    Bridges Mentoring Program

    Program Begins

  7. Sep 01

    Queer Peers

    Program Begins