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The Center for Diversity and Global Engagement

students at the social justice retreat

The Center for Diversity and Global Engagement (CDGE) programs at Wentworth promote cross-cultural perspectives, inclusivity, leadership development and personal growth among the Wentworth community, and fosters a welcoming, brave and safe environment for all students with a specific focus on underserved populations and their allies.

The CDGE programs create opportunities for advocacy, celebration, critical thinking, self-awareness and self-reflection. These opportunities allow students to develop their own sense of empowerment to engage their community in dialogues about social change. The CDGE collaborates with staff and faculty to create campus-wide change while increasing learning among the Wentworth community. Located in Beatty Hall 033, the CDGE also provides a gathering space for students, faculty, staff and guests to engage educationally and socially with one another. The CDGE is committed to upholding diversity, equity and inclusion at Wentworth.

Student Involvement

All students are encouraged to be active members of the Wentworth community. Here are some ways to do that.

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Student Support

From gender inclusion to cultural and religious policies, Wentworth is dedicated to creating a diverse and welcoming environment for students. 

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Diversity and Equity Campus Survey

As part of our new strategic plan goal around Inclusive Excellence, Wentworth partnered with the Higher Education Data Sharing Consortium to implement a campus climate survey focusing on diversity, equity and inclusion.

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Umoja Cultural Graduation Ceremony

Umoja Cultural Graduation Ceremony acknowledges and embraces the rich culture of graduating students of color while celebrating their achievements and contributions to the Wentworth community.

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LGBTQ+ Faculty and Staff

Here at Wentworth, LGBTQ+ faculty and staff are ready to support those who are out and those who are not ready to come out just yet. 

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From educational trainings to social activities, the CCGE believes that engaging in diversity and social justice can happen in a variety of ways.  Check out some of our signature events.

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Faculty and Staff Involvement

From participating in group outings to guest lecturing in many of our leadership series, we encourage faculty and staff to be involved with the center to help advance diversity, equity, and inclusion on campus. 

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Mentoring Programs

The CDGE strongly believes in student mentoring is critical to develop meaningful relationships among students of different identities at Wentworth. Over the years, the CDGE has created three programs for first-year students to connect with returning students as they transition from high school to college life.

Click here to learn more about our mentoring programs

group of students sitting in room