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A Field Guide Written for Students by Students

group of students and a teacher posing for camera

Professor Cindy Stevens, Charlie Reid, Kento Schaaf, Sabrina Lorica, Max Becker, Daniel Nieh, Edward Griffin, Jessie Uijttenboogaart, Tessa Zuluaga, Reece Cortez, and Alan Mayagoitia.

Tessa Zuluaga and her classmates found significant use in the existing maps and various literature they utilized to learn about Wentworth Institute of Technology as prospective students. But they also wondered—what would a document look like if it combined everything into one place and was written by students? 

Under the tutelage of Professor Cindy Stevens, the students conducted interviews across campus and used some of their own firsthand knowledge to create an informational field guide entitled “Life at WIT.” 

“The goal is to answer any question a student may have, or to guide them in the right direction,” said Zuluaga, Project Management ’22. 

The field guide combines a campus map with sections related to registration and housing, clubs and organizations, Co-ops and Careers, health and stress management, the Boston area, international studies, and other pertinent information for those who are just discovering Wentworth and all it has to offer.  

Sections contain best practices (as vetted by the students), as well as key contact information and recommendations. 

The document can be found on the Wentworth website or embedded below.  

In addition to Zuluaga, students in Stevens’ class who created the field guide are Charlie Reid (Management), Kento Schaaf (Management), Sabrina Lorica (Architecture), Max Becker (Mechanical Engineering), Daniel Nieh (Management) Edward Griffin (Management), Jessie Uijttenboogaart (Management), Reece Cortez (Architecture), and Alan Mayagoitia (Management) 

"This project is made by students for students,” said Zuluaga. “It is our hope that students will find it useful, as it is one cohesive asset with all the information they may need.”