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What’s Co-op Like? A Behind-the-Scenes Look

woman holding a coffee mug

Ever wondered what it’s like to be on a Wentworth Institute of Technology co-op? 

Tessa Zuluaga, Business Management ’22, helped answer that question when she gave Instagram users a behind-the-scenes look at her current experience with Toast. 

Now in her third co-op, Zuluaga is working as a web strategy co-op, providing project management and web optimization for the cloud-based restaurant software company. 

Zuluaga recently took over Wentworth’s official Instagram account to talk more about what she’s doing, how co-ops have allowed her to tackle real projects for major organizations, how the program has prepared her for post-collegiate work and afforded her numerous opportunities, and advice on how to navigate it all. 

“My network has increased so much through the co-op program,” she said, “and I have learned what work I am most and least interested in.” 

Find highlights from Zuluaga’s takeover on Instagram.